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If you’d like to know why nearly every summer there’s a prominent player holding out from training camp as he seeks a new contract or an extension (this summer will likely be an exception, but last year Maurice Jones-Drew did what he had to do in Jacksonville), the latest example is one Ahmad Bradshaw.

Bradshaw is still a free agent here in early June, even though he had a fine 2012 season. He rushed for 1,015 yards while adding 245 more through the air, and he scored six times. His season was highlighted by a 200-yard game on the ground against the Browns in Week 5 when he averaged 6.7 yards per carry. He’s pretty good.

Yet here he is, reaching for summer scraps. Age isn’t his problem, as it is with so many other fading running backs. Bradshaw isn’t young for a running back at 27, but he’s not old either.

No, frequent breaking is his problem. More generally then, being a football player is his problem.

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As we travel deeper into the abyss that is the offseason, I’ll continually keep mining the deepest depths of depth charts for potential fantasy value, an exercise which will also often serve as a primer for position battles. That’s right, it’s two things.

Right now, rosters are in a near constant state of change, making predicting anything an experience which can lead to looking rather stupid, something I’ve never been afraid of at all. Often then instead of predicting, we operate in hypotheticals in May and June. If Y happens it’ll lead to X, and X is really good. See, bingo bango.

You’ll recall that late last week following a draft in which the Ravens quite rightfully targeted their defensive needs early and waited to get only wide receiver scraps, I explored their wide receiver depth chart. Torrey Smith sits at the top easily, but after that there’s uncertainty with Jacoby Jones, leading to a possible opportunity for someone like Tandon Doss or Tommy Streeter to emerge.

Well, it seems things could get a little more complicated and/or congested. Maybe.

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James Harrison was axed by the Steelers after agreeing to a restructured contract wasn’t something that appealed to him. So to complete the screw you, he’s now signed with one of Pittsburgh’s division rivals.

The Bengals have filled a need at outside linebacker by signing Harrison to a two-year deal, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

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Last night the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to match the contract offered to Emmanuel Sanders by the New England Patriots, a move which was only mildly surprising. A cap crunched team could have easily taken the third-round pick handed over by the Patriots as part of Sanders’ original-round tender, and then used that to address their need two weeks from now while picking from a deep class at the position, and paying a much cheaper price.

The argument for familiarity was evidently much more compelling, though, with general manager Kevin Colbert opting for a tried and tested option to replace part of Mike Wallace’s production and line up across from Antonio Brown. Fair enough, I guess. Now they’re paying $2.5 million for one year of a player who may not provide significant value long-term beyond the equivalent player in the third round.

But what’s interesting about the finality of the great Emmanuel Sanders decision of 2013 is that it involved more than just the Steelers and Patriots.

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If we are to believe the percentages given by John Clayton, the Steelers are split in their Emmanuel Sanders decision. This isn’t any sort of playin’ around split either. No, we have a 50-50 split on our hands.

Hide your wife, hide your kids.

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The Giants need Victor Cruz. That’s because he’s fast, and he’s elusive, and he’s shifty and stuff. Also, he’s fast.

And it turns out Cruz needs the Giants too. Or rather, he needs New York, and he needs Jay-Z.

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Chicago Bears v Cleveland Browns

UPDATE: The Raiders have not signing Wallace to a contract, according to multiple sources.



The Raiders have added Seneca Wallace to their current group of quarterbacks, Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor, agreeing to terms on a one-year contract.

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