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2013 NFL Combine

It was originally reported that Geno Smith would leave New York after being passed over in Thursday’s first round of the draft, but Adam Schefter tweeted this on Friday morning…

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Geno Smith is going home

2013 NFL Draft

Geno during happier times.

Only one Quarterback was taken in the first round, and it wasn’t Geno Smith.

The Bills–like they are prone to do–shocked most observers when they selected Florida State’s E.J Manuel with the 16th pick.

ESPN reports the West Virginia QB isn’t coming back for day two. In fact he’s leaving New York entirely. Aaron Rodgers, who endured a long wait back in 2005, tweeted words of encouragement to Smith.

Teams in the second round that could target Smith include the Eagles at pick 35, Arizona at pick 38, the Jets right after and Oakland at pick 42.

How far will Geno Smith fall?


Or maybe more accurately, the question should be: will he fall? If he starts to fall, how long does it last? And will he be Aaron Rodgers’ed?

Yesterday, the pre-draft buzzing shifted away from the draft, and squarely to the shoulders and shredded yet recovering knee of Darrelle Revis. Bucs fans rejoiced, while Jets fans made their John Idzik voodoo dolls that they’ll meticulously destroy Thursday.

The Revis trade that mercifully reached its conclusion yesterday sent the cornerback to the Bucs in exchange for Tampa’s first-round pick this year, and a conditional pick in 2014 that will almost surely be a third rounder. A little later on I’ll look at the draft implications of what went down yesterday, and our boy Alen Dumonjic will check in with his tape guru rantings, breaking down how Revis fits into the Bucs’ secondary.

But right now let’s wonder aloud about the question asked by our friendly headline, and Revis’ impact on said question.

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So who really wants Geno Smith?


Everybody, and nobody. Somebody?

There’s no greater insult to this year’s draft class than the number of teams eager to either sign or trade for stop-gap options at the position. Since they were terrible, the Chiefs were given the opportunity to draft the best available player. This is how the draft works: bad teams get the opportunity to become better — and often immediately — at the position of their choosing.

Yet the Chiefs sent a second-round pick to San Francisco for Alex Smith, seemingly committing to him for the short term. Geno Smith visited Kansas City as part of his world tour this week, a stop that was accompanied with heavy billowing black smoke.

But what of those other potential and likely Smith destinations in the first round? Quickly, it’s looking like Buffalo, or…?.

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The answer to that question is really just many more questions. Sort of like this, to name only a few:

  • If they are, then what the hell do they plan to do with Blaine Gabbert?
  • If they are, then they’re really going to use a top 10 pick on a quarterback for the second time in three years?
  • If they are, then does that elevate the value of Matt Barkley and maybe even Ryan Nassib for the other quarterback needy teams who are on the clock shortly after the Jaguars at No. 2? (namely, the Bills, Raiders, and Cardinals)

But really, here’s the most important question: in late March and still a month away from draft night, how much billowing thick smoke comes with every nugget tying the Jaguars to the best quarterback in this draft class? A lot, probably.

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