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A quick search for Gerald McCoy scouting reports on Google reveals various links to reports from the 2010 NFL Draft. They are littered with details of great strengths and few weaknesses listed about McCoy’s talents. Accompanying the praise are lofty comparisons to the likes of under tackles Tommie Harris and Kevin Williams, both products of Oklahoma like McCoy.

They were both absolutely terrifying pass rushers in their prime with electrifying quickness and endless motors, but they also had a string of injuries that slowed down or derailed (in Harris’ case) their careers. It seemed like that might be the case with McCoy too after he had consecutive biceps injuries in his first two seasons┬áthat saw him play only 19 of a possible 36 games. But three weeks into his third season, McCoy is completely healthy and completely dominant. He’s compiled three sacks and been equally productive against the pass and run.

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