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daniels again2

NFL scouts can tell good jokes. One of the best ones I’ve heard came last year during the 2012 combine, where a scout came into the building and told a general manager that defensive tackle Mike Daniels of Iowa was too short to play the position because he was a hair over six-foot. Too short to play a position that’s intensely focused on low pad level? Blasphemy!

Daniels is shorter than your typical pro lineman, but that doesn’t mean he’s inferior. He still went in the fourth round last spring to the Packers, who happily plugged him into their rotation and watched him produce. He had two sacks and seven hurries in 14 games as a rookie, and now has four sacks and 10 hurries in 8 games as a sophomore. How’s he proving scouts wrong with all this production? By being short, that’s how.

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finley catch2

There’s something different about Jermichael Finley this year. He’s not bashing opponents and teammates, and he’s concentrated on playing at a high level, something he hasn’t done the last two seasons. He must be acting like a true professional because he’s in his contract-year and wants the big bucks come next summer. But is he actually serious about his job or is this just a year long charade?

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How badly do you want to own Aaron Rodgers? Second-round bad? First-round bad? You’re crazy, man.

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On most days, being a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers is a pretty sweet gig. You get to catch a lot of passes from a quarterback who has a career completion percentage of 65.7, and during Aaron Rodgers’ time as a starter he’s averaged 4,266 passing yards per season.

That’s a recipe for straight money, for both you, the Packers receiver, and you, the fantasy owner of a Packers receiver. The catch, though, is that one of those parties (the guy who’s actually playing football) has to stay healthy. Today we’ve been given our daily reminder that being a healthy and functioning football player is not an easy task. Ain’t that right, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb?

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Pictured: Breakaway speed

One exhibition game has now been played, but although Hall of Fame weekend is a great celebration and it’s a yearly opportunity to indulge nostalgia and peer into the football history looking glass, the Hall of Fame Game itself barely meets the standards of exhibition play. Starters who have even a minor ailment quite rightly sit (see: Mike Wallace), and even the healthy ones play only a series, or don’t play at all (see: the entire Cowboys first team Sunday night).

But hey, that happened, and now it’s over with. Football is back, sort of, and in a few days the other 30 teams will begin their own preseason schedules, which means that any and all position battles which are even remotely serious haven’t truly reached the proving ground stage yet.

Alright, so having said all that, I’m just going to leave this here…

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The problem with Jermichael Finley isn’t so much the fact that he’s sucked. It’s that he’s sometimes sucked compared to our expectations, and he’s been inconsistent.

So does the problem lie with our expectations, or him? Ummm, both?

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In the before time when television programming consisted primarily of things that used good ol’ creativity and original thought to entertain me, and make me either laugh or think (or anything in between), I would have liked to be in the room when the idea for the first “reality” show was floated.

My television history may be a little off here mostly because there are very few things in this life I care less about than the history of reality TV, but I believe the first such program to receive that label was Survivor. Say what you will about that particular corner of popular culture, but at least Survivor and the other similar shows it spawned (most notably, The Amazing Race) is a reality show and a game show fused into one. We can become involved in the competition, even if it’s just a bunch of people standing on a log for nine hours.

Now, reality TV is usually far removed from actual reality, with producers flirting with and often accomplishing vicious stereotyping by cherry picking people on the most extreme end of their theme to represent a group. Then when there are cameras present to make the lives of already atypical people even less normal, boom, you have TV gold, Jerry.

It’s a simple and tired formula, and Packers fans are the latest subject.

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