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Part of my job as someone who writes about football is doing research. I know, you’re surprised.

That part of my job actually does happen often, despite my attempts to skip it entirely. When I do it upon reading about a player’s injury or potential injury, without fail something also happens: my respect-o-meter for what professional and collegiate football players do takes an abrupt 90 degree spike.

Oh and also, my stomach begins to feel funny.

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When Tony Romo signed a contract extension last Friday which contained $55 million in guaranteed money, people burned things. That’s more guaranteed cash than what’s included in Joe Flacco’s contract ($52 million), and it’s more guaranteed money than what’s contained in nearly every contract ever. It put Romo behind only Tom Brady ($57 million guaranteed), and he’s tied with Drew Brees.

As far as guaranteed money is concerned — and in the NFL, that’s the most important element in any contract — Romo was deemed to be more valuable than Flacco, and equal to Brees. The former claim isn’t necessarily wrong, because if we acknowledge Romo’s hiccups in the playoffs and during many other moments when the spotlight is shining brightly, we can also acknowledge that the quarterback wins stat is a poor way to judge a pivot’s performance. That’s what partly led to Flacco’s inflated guaranteed money, as while he was brilliant and he’s young, putting him in the same financial territory as Brees and Peyton Manning with his $20.1 million annually is a product of a culture that pays based on recency.

The going rates for Romo and Flacco are about to combine and they’ll give Aaron Rodgers some serious bank, as earlier this afternoon we were given a better idea of how much more Rodgers will cement his status as a member of the 1%.

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Eddie Lacy could put lives in danger with his Lambeau leaping.

The Packers (arguably…see below) need a running back early in this year’s draft. But in today’s NFL with the viciousness of bone breaking and muscle ripping, drafting a running back in the first round — or at least early in the first round — is something that’s greeted with great hesitancy unless the player in question is named Trent Richardson.

Even with Green Bay’s late-round perch this year, that hesitancy is still there. But it could quickly be trumped by need, and Eddie Lacy. He’s big and scary, so he often trumps many things.

After Cedric Benson suffered his early-season injury, the Packers were left to move forward in 2012 with their committee of DuJuan Harris, James Starks, and Alex Green. Later they were even forced to re-sign Ryan Grant when Starks went down too. The patchwork was everywhere, and it led to an average of just 3.9 yards per carry, far less than sufficient support for Aaron Rodgers.

But is the expected first-round price for Lacy too high? And what about the other needs at safety and defensive tackle? I had questions, and Monty McMahon from Total Packers had answers.

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The Twitter version of Jermichael Finley is one of those bros who wakes up, rolls to the left every morning, and then promptly punches in something like “what’s up tweeps? hope everyone has a great day“. He’s a nice fellow, but he rarely says anything of consequence.

That changed this afternoon when he told the world he’ll be the league’s most overpaid tight end in 2013. Or something like that.


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Green Bay Packers v New York Giants

In an interview with USA Today, Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver (and possible upcoming free agent), Greg Jennings said that the coaching and quarterback situation is extremely important when it comes to choosing a potential team for the upcoming season.

“Coaching means a lot, the dynamic of the team,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “To me, the quarterback means a lot, if they have one or not, and I have to make sure my family is comfortable.”

Jennings missed a large chunk of the 2012 season with a nagging groin injury and had 36 receptions for 366 yards and 4 touchdowns in 8 games (5 starts).

In 7 seasons with the Packers, Jennings has 425 receptions for 6,537 yards and 53 touchdowns.

Wild Card Playoffs - Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Update 4:14pm:

Ian Rapoport is doing work this off-season while his peers take a few weeks off before draft hysteria officially kicks off. Charles Woodson is no longer a Green Bay Packer, well he won’t be very soon.

The details:

“They’re getting ready to release him. It’s part of the business,” agent Carl Poston said. “I just talked to him. He sounds like he has a lot of football left. “He’d like to go play for a contender, win another Super Bowl. “Woodson was due $9 million in 2013 and would count $10 million against the cap. He’s just not worth that any longer.

There’s no arguing with Rapoport’s final sentence. The former Michigan star had to move to Safety after a rapid decline in his cover skills. The Packers are loaded with defensive backs, including Tramon Williams, Sam Shields and M.D Jennings.

There’s a team in Buffalo that could use a safety to team with Jairus Byrd after cutting George Wilson. But hey, they’ve re-signed Tarvaris Jackson. You don’t mess with success.

In a league that’s lacking significantly in quality offensive linemen, San Francisco 49ers left tackle Joe Staley stands out. He has a combination of flexibility, length, and quickness that most don’t have at the position. This triumvirate is a big reason why he’s been so successful since being selected No. 28 overall by the 49ers in the 2007 draft. But in Week 1 of 2012, Staley played one of the worst games of his career. He gave up multiple sacks, pressures, and played with sloppy technique against the Packers’ outside linebacker Clay Matthews.

Now 18 weeks have passed and Staley meets Matthews again, and he knows what he did wrong the first time around (h/t Eric Branch):

“After watching the game, there were a lot of technique issues,” Staley said. “When you’re going against a player of that caliber, you have to be on your technique on every single play, every single snap.”

Those technique issues led to 2.5 sacks and many pressures given up, which can be boiled down to three mistakes: over-extension, slow hands, and poor hand placement. There’s also the talent that Matthews possesses. He has the ability to dip his shoulder and turn the corner with relative ease, it seems, and he possesses a couple of the quickest steps off the line of scrimmage. He’s also quite good with his hands,quickly engaging and disengaging from blockers, and he has a couple of moves in his arsenal. In short, it was the absolute worst day for Joe Staley to be sloppy with his fundamentals.

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