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The Saturday night game this week will feature a highly mobile yet still unproven quarterback against a very proven quarterback who’s won a Super Bowl. Hopefully it goes much better than last Saturday’s game between a highly mobile yet still unproven quarterback and a very proven quarterback who’s won a Super Bowl.

This is one the three games this weekend between teams that met during the regular season, though on one side of the ball it’s difficult to draw anything meaningful from that previous meeting, because during the 49ers’ Week 1 30-22 win over Green Bay Alex Smith was still bringing his safe-mode approach to the San Fransisco offense. Now under Colin Kaepernick, the Niners’ exotic running schemes using multiple rushers (Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter, and LaMichael James) have grown, as has the read-option offense.

The 49ers’ defense remains daunting in every aspect. But there could be a massive, painful weakness for San Fran due to a throbbing body part.

More on that in a minute. First, some numbers.

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It was just over a year ago when we watched a quarterback look lost, and unable to complete a pass on a simple check down during a playoff game. His name was Tim Tebow. Or, as you know him, the guy who used to do all of the winning, and he’s now been deemed worse than Mark Sanchez and Greg McElroy.

A week after Tebow looked more than competent, and indeed able to complete meaningful forward passes while upsetting the Steelers in the first round, the Earth’s normal rotation was restored. He was sacked five times by the Patriots during a 52-7 loss in which he completed only nine of his 26 pass attempts, finishing with only 5.2 yards per attempt.

But for what it’s worth (nothing…absolutely nothing), a year later we’ve now discovered that Tebow had one victory that day. He was still better than Joe Webb.


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Quick, what’s the over/under for how many times we’ll hear someone say something about how much these two teams want each other to die Saturday night? Give me o/u 7.5.

It feels like the Packers and Vikings have a rivalry that dates back to a time when wheels weren’t circular, and revealing some ankle skin was considered scandalous. The last (and only) time they met in the playoffs Randy Moss mooned a bunch of people (not really), and Joe Buck thought that was the most disrespectful act ever committed by a human (really).

But that was during a time when the Vikings had a vertical receiving threat — that Moss character — and their offense wasn’t one dimensional. As historically dominant as Adrian Peterson was this year with his 2,097 rushing yards (the second best all-time single-season total), he can’t win a playoff game alone.

Christian Ponder is then the looming, haunting question, especially with Charles Woodson back. Can he do enough?

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The Green Bay Packers have had no trouble today against the Tennessee Titans, leading 34-0 after three quarters, but did get some bad news after Randall Cobb left with an ankle injury.

Cobb looked to have his leg turn awkwardly on a punt return half way through the third quarter.

On the day, Cobb had three receptions for 62 yards and a touchdown. James Jones will likely see more targets the rest of the way.

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Thanks, Aaron Nagler

The regular season is expiring, meaning we are a step closer to the playoffs as well as the awarding the NFL’s Most Valuable Player. Aaron Rodgers figures to be a contender for both, with his team having a 9-4 record while sitting atop their division as he puts up elite passing numbers once again.

He’s recorded a touchdown-to-interception ratio of 29:8 thus far while completing nearly 67 percent of his passes, and he has a quarterback rating of 103.7 through 14 weeks. Interestingly enough, these numbers are down from a year ago, when the end zone was the size of a foreign continent and his receivers were always wide open regardless of the coverage, and the Cal alum was simply on fire.

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On Monday, head coach Mike McCarthy said he was ‘hopeful’ Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson could play Sunday against the Chicago Bears. That hope has now suddenly disappeared after the coach called him a ‘longshot’ to play today, after the fifth year wide out missed practice again with a hamstring injury.

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