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It was the’s Adam Rank who wrote that Greg Jennings, the latest beloved star-turned-Benedict Arnold following a free agent move from the popular Green Bay Packers to the not always popular Minnesota Vikings, was a scary player that could be a bust of a signing. Not only that, Rank went as far as to write that Jennings has already made plans for a second life after a soon-to-occur dramatic demise from football.

I could see Mike Wallace (or Wes Welker, if he’s let go) signing with a rival to play with a chip on his shoulder. However, after watching Jennings dominate in those Old Spice ads, I’m not convinced he hasn’t already started to make plans for a life after football. Especially since he had a nice cameo on “Criminal Minds.” So I expect a team like the Dolphins to make a bid on Jennings, probably overpay — because that’s what the Dolphins do — and wind up disappointed.

Rank’s comments were one of many, some of which were perhaps written this offseason from anger-filled Packers fans themselves, and they’re surely going to be deemed premature. Why? Because if the final weeks of the Packers’ season showed anything, it was that Jennings’ tank is not on the proverbial “E”, and he has more than enough gas to keep him running in 2013 and beyond.

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Wild Card Playoffs - Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Update 8:31pm


Whoa. Greg Jennings has pulled a Brett Favre of sorts.

Adam Schefter reports the deal is for five years. Jennings caught 36 passes for 366 yards and 4 touchdowns in limited action due to a groin injury.

With the departure of Percy Harvin, the Vikings were in desperate need of a go to target. They have that now with Jennings.  Initially, the former Green Bay WR had said Quarterback play would factor into his decision. With Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel standing behind center in Minnesota, you have to believe money won the day.


Yesterday the impact of the three-day tampering period that wasn’t really a tampering period at all and was truly a negotiating period (follow? Good) was clear immediately at about 4:02 p.m. ET. Two minutes into free agency reports surfaced regarding Martellus Bennett signing in Chicago, and then they didn’t stop.

The tight end position was especially purged, with Jared Cook, Tony Gonzalez, Anthony Fasano, and Delanie Walker also finding new places to get paid while playing football in the first hour or so. And on it went until midnight with signings and reported signings, and as expected some of the most notable names (hi, Mike Wallace) dropped right away. Of the 120 players at various positions that we ranked last week, 25 of them have already been signed.

But beyond Wallace, there’s still a core offensive skill position that remains relatively untouched at the top, and Greg Jennings could change that today.

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Green Bay Packers v New York Giants

In an interview with USA Today, Green Bay Packers’ wide receiver (and possible upcoming free agent), Greg Jennings said that the coaching and quarterback situation is extremely important when it comes to choosing a potential team for the upcoming season.

“Coaching means a lot, the dynamic of the team,” he told USA TODAY Sports. “To me, the quarterback means a lot, if they have one or not, and I have to make sure my family is comfortable.”

Jennings missed a large chunk of the 2012 season with a nagging groin injury and had 36 receptions for 366 yards and 4 touchdowns in 8 games (5 starts).

In 7 seasons with the Packers, Jennings has 425 receptions for 6,537 yards and 53 touchdowns.


I can’t think about Greg Jennings without saying his name really slowly in my mind, and picturing him with a broken leg. This is a problem I will overcome one day.

Jennings — as you’re abundantly aware by now due to daily/hourly reminders — will be one of the most coveted free agents next Tuesday, and you’ll begin hearing far too many rumors about him playing everywhere including for your office flag football team Saturday when the negotiating window opens. Much like fellow free agent wideout Mike Wallace, Jennings has widely been connected to the Dolphins and Vikings, because any receiver of note who’s available as a free agent or through trade is connected to the Dolphins and Vikings.

But lately another intriguing possibility has been floated: the Rams.

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That sound you just heard was Randall Cobb keeper and dynasty league owners drinking all of the…root beer.


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But as, say, a UPS man, the Dolphins head coach and former Packers offensive coordinator thinks Greg Jennings is just great. A football player? Not so much.

This is the part where I remind you that there’s a strong possibility what you’re about to read below is another piece of February fecal throwing, and it’s an attempt by a source associated with Team X to drive down the perceived level of interest in a player, and to therefore also drive down the players’ price. So know that, before knowing this…


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