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Know this as you’re making those last minute roster tweaks: Greg Jennings definitely won’t be Greg Jennings.

You’ve known that all week, or at least you should have. Jennings is playing for the first time since Week 5, but he should be viewed with the same levels of joy and caution that will greet DeMarco Murray tonight. Sure, it’s swell that he’s back, and it’s nice and fun to finally be able to start a player who cost you a second-round pick. But that doesn’t mean you should actually start him.

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If you’re a fantasy owner of St. Louis Rams WR Danny Amendola, you’ve been blessed (and cursed) with a combination of above-average production and game-time uncertainty. In seven games this season, Amendola has 50 receptions for 538 yards receiving and two touchdowns. That’s good for 77 yards per game and 10.8 yards per catch.

Not bad for a guy you probably plucked from the waiver wire after his week two break-out (15 grabs for 160 yards and a TD).

But…that’s right, there’s a but.

Amendola has been hampered by a myriad of injuries, including one (an injured right foot) he suffered during a week 11 game against the New York Jets. His wonky foot has kept him out of practice all week, and he’s been listed as “doubtful” for the Rams game against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

In conclusion, start Amendola at your own risk. Seriously, you probably shouldn’t start him. Especially if you’re trying to make a late season charge into the playoffs, do not risk leaving points on the bench.

Look out, here comes more hurt…

Owning Greg Jennings this year has just been the worst. Like worse than the idea to remake Red Dawn, and worse than the idea to take a shot every time someone says the word “home” during Red Dawn. That’s a lot of bad right there.

But finally there’s hope for the fantasy jerk who’s missed seven games. Small, teasing hope.

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Throughout this season we’ve found ourselves repeatedly and extensively examining a man’s groin. Long ago I shed my awkward feelings about this, and it helped yesterday when we learned that Greg Jennings’ injury is a little more serious than just your standard-issue groin pull. Still, we’re hoping this is the last time we write anything on the matter for a few weeks, although that goal will surely fail.

We’re dedicating more prestigious blog space to Jennings because following some scary, horrifying news yesterday that he may be out up to six weeks after his procedure to correct a sports hernia and therefore his season — or at least his fantasy season — was in serious doubt, a slightly better diagnosis surfaced last night while we were all busy watching Doug Martin trample dudes (more on that a little later).

So thanks for that, Adam Schefter.

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UPDATE: Yep, Jennings is having surgery, and according to the Packer Report, the recovery time is worse than what was initially reported, and Jennings could miss up to six weeks. That means although Jennings says his injury isn’t a season-ending one, he means that only as it applies to reality. Since this worse-case scenario has him out until possibly about Week 15, his ability to play for your fake team again this year is now in serious doubt. And even if he can hurry back for that late-season date, will you really be that confident starting a receiver who’s been out for six weeks during the first round of the fantasy playoffs in most leagues? Sleep on it, and have a good cry, but it may be time to cut Jennings and move on.

In other broken Packers receiver news, Jordy Nelson is fighting through a hamstring injury and won’t test it until Saturday at the earliest, meaning he’s steaming towards game-time decision status. That’s right, there’s a chance Donald Driver could become somewhat relevant again, at least for one weekend.

As we reach the turn in the 2012 NFL season, many presumed studs in August have provided many reasons to break things. Matthew Stafford hates you, Cam Newton hates himself, and Aaron Rodgers has only recently started to be Aaron Rodgers.

But at least those guys are, you know, playing. Greg Jennings isn’t. He isn’t practicing either, and now there’s increasing concern that he may need surgery, and he’s not just dealing with your standard-issue groin malady.

For Jennings owners, the video below is now completely unnecessary. Also, we don’t recommend ever sticking your head between your legs for 30 seconds, and lifting it up really, really fast.

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At this point, you read that headline, and then rolled back over into your black hole of shame. Or, better yet, maybe you have a George Costanza desk at work, and you’re catching a few z’s before leaving the office and continuing your sleep cycle on public transit.

You know the drill by now, Greg Jennings owner. His groin hurts, he’s not practicing, and he’s not about to practice anytime soon.

Shutdown mode is very much the opposite of beast mode. It’s the kind of mode that’s usually reserved for normal mortals, and not professional athletes. But the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel writes that it sounds like Jennings is indeed still in shutdown mode, because there’s only one tonic to soothe a tender groin, and it’s the worst possible remedy for fantasy purposes. Time, and lots of it.

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This is just finalizing the doom we all knew was coming. If you’re an increasingly infuriated Greg Jennings owner who’s now set to watch as your second-round pick misses his second game in five weeks, hopefully you were able to grab James Jones off the waiver wire this week.

As we’ve discussed frequently and thoroughly during Jennings’ lingering groin problems, Jones will climb up Green Bay’s WR depth chart to start at the No. 2 spot opposite Jordy Nelson for the Packers’ game against the Colts Sunday. Jones and Randall Cobb offer nearly identical value, and you can feel comfortable starting either as a low-end WR3 or flex. But Jones was far more available on the wire.

There’s still a chance he’s out there for you, but those odds have taken a pretty good groin kicking after waiver claims cleared early Wednesday morning. Jones’ ownership has risen 26.5 percent in ESPN leagues this week where it’s now settled at 48.9 percent overall. In Yahoo leagues, his ownership is at 56 percent.