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Last week’s Madden simulation was the first time it actually felt like Archi Zuber and I were watching a real game of football. Players actually did what you expected them to do, and the coaches made decisions that suggested their I.Q. was higher than a lobotomized weasel that also happened to suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome (the coaching was horrifically bad during the first few sims).

Today’s simulation will feature the Arizona Cardinals vs. the St. Louis Rams in a game brimming with mystery and intrigue (well, not really)!

Will Kevin Kolb continue to be fantasy football’s version of Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, or I guess more accurately Dr. Montana/Mr. Leaf? Does Steven Jackson’s wonky groin (sounds like an STD) allow Daryl Richardson to grab the spotlight and be this week’s Ogletree of the game? Will Rams kicker Greg Zuerlein continue to be their only decent offensive player? Wasn’t Courtland Finnegan the name of a sock puppet on the long running Canadian children’s show Mr. Dressup?

*Note: the part of Archi Zuber will be played by Devang Desai*

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