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In yet another sign that the Mayans may have only missed by a few days, the usually indestructable Heath Miller left the Steelers-Bengals massive divisional game that’s featured back-to-back incomprehensible field-goal decisions with a knee sprain.

Thankfully he waited to get injured until late in the fourth quarter, making the fantasy impact minimal after he caught three passes for 45 yards. He also didn’t have to be associated with a hopeless Ben Roethlisberger pass that landed in Reggie Nelson’s hands, an interception which led to the game-winning field goal, and a January without playoff football in Pittsburgh.

It was a fitting ending for a Steelers season that’s featured far too many games lost in the final minutes. Until next year, yellow handkerchiefs. Until next year.

If you didn’t look up Heath Miller’s age, how old would you guess he is? It seems like he’s been in the NFL for ages and in a tactical and talent sense, maybe he has.

He’s an old school, traditional “Y” tight end that often lines up with his hand in the ground at the end of the trenches while blocking in a power running offense. There doesn’t seem to be enough of those nowadays, especially with the widening formations that continue to infiltrate the league and the detaching of tight ends from the offensive line.

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A lot of things in life are average – Wednesdays are average, Volkswagon cars are average, red peppers are an average vegetable and so on. There is nothing wrong with being average and that is why I have always been ambivalent towards Heath Miller. For his entire career, Miller has been an average receiving tight end – more renowned for his blocking skills than his pass-catching abilities: Read the rest of this entry »