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Documents released Tuesday revealed that Aaron Hernandez’s friends aren’t very friendly. They’re also not friends, and are instead “associates.” Oh, and they’re also likely complete scumbags.

All of the evidence compiled against Hernandez thus far has been damning, but this was the first time we’ve heard directly from a member of his thuglife entourage that he pulled the trigger and killed Odin Lloyd. The entire summary of the documents released yesterday is must-read material if you haven’t done so already, but here’s the gist (from The Associated Press):

Hernandez has been charged in the June killing of Boston semi-pro athlete Odin Lloyd. The records say Hernandez associate Carlos Ortiz told Massachusetts investigators that another man, Ernest Wallace, said Hernandez shot Lloyd in an industrial park near Hernandez’s home in North Attleborough.

There’s the potential for the worst kind of broken telephone game here, and also friends rolling over on the famous guy to save themselves. But there’s also, you know, a massive accusation from a person close to someone who maybe, probably ended a human life.

Dion Lewis does not approve of this, because the words spewed by Hernandez’s friends break the thug code. Or something.

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Since the moment the Jets traded for Chris Ivory after signing Mike Goodson, I’ve taken every available opportunity to remind you that the combination of those two could be the only part of their offense this season that isn’t horribly depressing.

Their collective open-field speed could quickly lead to quality late round or early season waiver wire fantasy value, with a fine return forthcoming on your minimal investment. That’s especially true since Ivory and Goodson have more than just quicks, and they were first and second in yards after contact last year.

Now all both players have to do is refrain from being complete idiots throughout the rest of the offseason, and avoid discipline of some kind. Last night, Goodson struggled with that concept.

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Social media is a glorious thing in that it gives us access to whatever we want, whenever we desire it. Do you like to read things, and maybe things about news and current events? You can make your Twitter account into your own personal news feed essentially, one that’s catered specifically to your personal interests.

Or maybe instead you just like to argue with people about anything…anything at all. In various ways, each social media platform will also allow you to do that as much as you like. Finally, maybe you live a simpler existence, and you like to share pictures of your ham sandwich with the Internet everyday. Oh, there’s an app for that.

And for NFL front offices set to give a lot of money to often immature prospects who are only a few years removed from being teenagers, the versatility of social media can be a little scary. Last night/early this morning, D.J. Fluker may have scared a few folks.

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"Titus Young is the best!" -- Ryan Broyles owners

There’s a certain process to an NFL offensive play appearing on a field in a meaningful game. The offensive coordinator reviews tape on the upcoming opponent, and then he draws up said play. Then it’s practiced repeatedly throughout the week, with the kinks thoroughly ironed.

While that process is intricate, it’s also simple. Develop the play, practice the play, implement the play, rinse and repeat. It requires the time, effort, and energy of a lot of people on a lot of levels. So when a player purposely sabotages that process during a crucial juncture of a game, he’s scum. Slimy, green, disgusting scum.

Lady and gents, I give you Titus Young.

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I love Twitter. I check it when I wake up, and I check it before I go to sleep. I scroll through it on public transit, and I get my phone and/or keyboard all gunked up with mayo as I watch the progress of the world 140 characters at a time while eating lunch. I haven’t gone through tweets while taking care of business behind a closed bathroom door yet, but that’s the next frontier.

Twitter is a remarkable tool for access to athletes and celebrities in general, and more importantly to keep up with current events and your personal interests by essentially creating your own news stream. The preceding sentence should be common knowledge to the point of insult in the year 2012.

The benefits of Twitter drastically outweigh the drawbacks, but the one constant is always the guy who wants so badly to live in the year 2003, and isn’t on Twitter because he has no desire to either know what his friends are eating for dinner, or worse read someone’s inane opinion or stupid, tasteless joke. There’s plenty of that, because the world has stupid people, and therefore the Internet has stupid people. But you can easily avoid the scum distribution from nobodies.

Every so often, though, the Twitter haters are given ammunition from someone of remote significance who types something into their keyboard or phone that’s astoundingly stupid.

Meet Tony Carter, the Broncos cornerback. He went to a movie last night in Denver, and he has a funny joke for you.

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