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Let’s begin this day — this either joyous, or horrendously awful day — with some pleasant news. That’s how I generally like to begin most of my Sundays, along with a heaping bowl of Lucky Charms.

There are only three late-afternoon games today, which means any roster decision tied to those games is extremely difficult. But while we’re still waiting and will continue to wait for definitive word on Ahmad Bradshaw’s status (yeah, good luck with that…hold me), the status of another widely-started player in that Ravens-Giants game has been cleared up.

Torrey Smith will play, according to a report from ProFootballTalk. Smith had been recovering from a concussion sustained in Week 15, and although he participated in all three practices this week, he did so on a limited basis and he still needed to pass one final test before being cleared for game action. He’s now been given that clearance, and he’ll be on the field this afternoon.

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Dez Bryant is active

No surprise here, as although he was an extremely limited participant in practice all week due to his left index finger injury, Dez Bryant repeatedly said that he intends to play today against the Steelers. Now he’s officially active, and those who were waiting for this splendid news and had handcuffed Dwayne Harris can now go ahead and slot Bryant in.

However, you should probably do that with decreased expectations. Of course now that I’ve written that Bryant will do something superhuman and catch 19 balls for 232 yards or something, because I’m quite helpful like that. But logic dictates that a receiver who’s essentially playing without one finger could have some difficulty with the basic act of catching a football.

Sure, Bryant caught some passes from Tony Romo this week in practice, but he favored the injury heavily, and it could limit him throughout the remainder of this season. So until he proves us wrong, approach Bryant as though he’ll give you WR3-level production, instead of his usual high WR1 ceiling.

Don’t worry, we’re not here to hurt you anymore after the fantasy bludgeoning endured last night/this morning when Robert Griffin III’s absence became official. No, now we have good news. Maybe.

As is our regular weekly practice, this post currently contains the most likely inactives and actives, and it’ll be updated shortly when they’re officially announced around 11:30 a.m. ET. So chill with that java and your Super Mario pajamas, and keep hitting refresh.

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And here it is, the finalizing of your hopes and fears, and the cause of those little bumps that have been growing on your skin. Inactives, they can still suck.

We can already confidently forecast the playing status of several players who are listed below in the conveniently labeled categories. And with the inactives/actives officially set to be announced in a few minutes we’ll continue updating this post with commentary and analysis on the notable developments.

Keep laughing your evil laugh, Robert Griffin III owners. Terrell Suggs is out.

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You know about Darren McFadden, and by now you’ve dried those Danny Amendola tears. Now you want to know the rest of the story, and the remaining notable actives and inactives, and their fantasy impact.

Thankfully, I wrote some words about that.

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I’m not sure what’s riskier: skydiving with no parachute and testing your long-held theory that humans can levitate on command, or starting a hobbled Danny Amendola today.

But the latter option is now available to you even though the Rams receiver missed practice all week due to a heel injury and was therefore viewed as having less than zero chance of playing today. Yet here we are, looking at an inactives list for St. Louis’ game this afternoon against Arizona that doesn’t include Amendola’s name.

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For the first time since time began, we’re all really happy to see Jay Cutler. Not because he’s set to individually save fantasy seasons, although he’s still a fine backup quarterback in standard leagues, and if Ben Roethlisberger owners are still desperate, you could do much, much worse.

No, we’re happy to see smokin’ Cutler and his chronic apathy because he’s so very important to the fantasy relevance of two other members of the Bears offense. Cutler leads our list of the remaining notable actives and inactives in today’s eight early games.

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