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You know how I know that it’s officially midseason for every team? The amount of times I looked up at my television today, and said “NOOOO!” to no one at all while sitting in a room alone.

This is football, and I’m not sure that you’re aware of the game’s physicality, and the possibility that on any play a severe injury can happen, with the punishment of the endless hits adding up as the season rolls along. But between injuries to Jordy Nelson, Robert Mathis, Kendall Wright, Darren McFadden, and Antonio Brown, and a brief scare with Victor Cruz, pain hasn’t discriminated today, taking out top stars and promising rookies on both sides of the ball.

We can’t take any more. We need peace, harmony, and good tidings for all. We need something good to happen. Please give us a sign, fantasy gods.

What’s that Michelle Tafoya? Dez Bryant is active? Yes, serenity now indeed.

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Jordy Nelson couldn’t even test his injured hamstring on Friday, and although Packers head coach Mike McCarthy said at the time that he’s 50/50, that percentage seemed like it was a downright filthy lie. How can a player who’s missed a game with an injury and then wasn’t even able to take it for a test drive at half speed in practice have a chance to play at full speed while facing contact?

That question, friends, is why we all just watch games, and click away to plug players into fake lineups and such. For we are mere mortals, and football players are cyborgs who were once raised by a giant rat in a sewer, or something.

Nelson is active and playing. While Calvin Johnson playing is unsurprising and the worry about him was a product of instinctive profuse sweating, Nelson’s inclusion on the Packers’ active list is the opposite of that for the aforementioned lack of any test whatsoever this week. That’s also why — again similar to Johnson — you can feel free to insert Nelson into your starting lineup now, but do it with decreased expectations.

Now that I’ve written this Nelson will surely surprise us (and indeed, just after typing those words Jay Glazer reported that he’s a “full go” so we’ll see), and do something crazy and heroic. But the worry about him is even more significant than the concern surrounding Johnson, because while both will be limited despite still playing, Johnson’s injury hasn’t necessitated any missed time.

Nelson is a surprise last-minute active. Treat him accordingly, and look at him as a mid-tier WR2 when usually he’d be flirting with WR1 status in the high octane Packers offense with Greg Jennings out despite a less than ideal matchup against the Cardinals and Patrick Peterson.

Here are the other notable actives/inactives.

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You’re familiar with this Sunday morning routine by now. I stumble 10 feet from my bed to my couch and start hitting keys, while you do the same, but instead you’re just sleeping in a different location. Then around 11:30 ET the official early-game inactives begin to trickle out, and so does your hair. Fun times indeed.

But before we get to the real fun in just a little bit, let’s take care of the most pressing and important injury item which really shouldn’t be either of those things. Calvin Johnson is expected to play.

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It’s that time again. Time for your daily dose of tears, cheers, and other such emotions that lead to loud noises and possibly vengeful outbursts.

We’ll keep updating this post with reaction to the notable or surprising early game actives/inactives, and so far there are few that fall under either category, although the handful we have are pretty significant.

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The severely slanted schedule today with nine early games and only two late-afternoon games is great for fantasy purposes, and awful for anyone who desires to watch as much football as possible while sitting in their underwear. Do your finger stretches, because we’re in for some serious clicker crushing today.

You’re familiar with this Sunday drill that leads to either depression or elation, or some combination of both. The inactives are trickling out now, and we’ll keep updating this post with the notable developments. So do those finger exercises by repeatedly hitting F5. It’ll feel good, and it doesn’t even require a rise from your current sitting position.

Annnd go…

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There are probably far greater surprises which greeted you on this fine Sunday morning than the information contained in the above simple headline. Maybe you woke up in a foreign location, or maybe you struggled to locate your pants from the night before.

Still, though, you need to be keenly aware of Ahmad Bradshaw’s game-time decision status as we chug towards that time when the inactives are announced in a little less than an hour. Because in the unlikely event that he can’t play against the Redskins, there’s still a chance for you to pull an emergency parachute depending on your league settings.

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Late game inactives

Buffalo at Arizona

Cards RB William Powell is active this afternoon. Though it’s unclear who will get the majority of the carries today – Ryan Williams has been up and down this year – Powell could have a big day. Buffalo’s run defense – read: defense in general – is atrocious. John Skelton makes his return today as well. This may be the last week of the Kolb experiment. Jarius Byrd, Kyle Williams and Mario Williams are active as well – don’t suck, please.

New England at Seattle

Tom Brady will have a healthy core of at his disposable in what should be a spirited affair at CenturyLink Field. Wes Welker, Shane Vereen, Aaron Hernandez, Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Bolden are active. For the Seahawks, Marshawn Lynch will play today after fighting through back pains.

Minnesota at Washington

Pierre Garcon is inactive for the Redskins. Vikings WR Jerome Simpson joins Garcon on the sidelines. In positive news for Christian Ponder, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin are active.

New York at San Francisco

Hakeem Nicks and Martellus Bennett are in the lineup. Bennett had been battling knee issues this week.

We’ll provide updates as more information emerges.

Side note – so this was crazy.