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Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting Cleveland and Indianapolis will aggressively purse Ravens OLB Paul Kruger in Free Agency. Via Rotoworld, Werder says the Browns will face intense competition from Indy, who envision the former Utah Utes star as Dwight Freeney’s replacement.

Kruger led the Ravens in sacks last year and will likely command a contract worth $12 million annually, according to Rotoworld.


Predicting the future is a tough business, man. That’s part of an NFL general manager’s job description, a reality that will become increasingly glaring as we move towards this year’s draft in late April. What’s the ceiling for Player X? Will Player Y’s knee erupt? Can Player Z overcome his addiction to Hamburger Helper? All in a day’s work.

Part of that is also trade evaluation, and weighing a player’s value versus the players he can bring in return, along with the cost to keep said player. Former Colts general manager and current ESPN draft analyst — umm, gulp — Bill Polian was faced with one of those decisions in 2004 regarding Peyton Manning, and it almost went horribly, woefully, depressingly wrong.

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Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
The big time cuts keep coming this Friday afternoon. A few minutes after Charles Woodson’s released was confirmed, the Indy Star’s Bob Kravtiz dropped some big news out of Indianapolis.

As you can see above, Freeney’s deal was up so this isn’t really a cut. Kravitz was told by a Colts source that if Collie had come along at the same time as Peyton Manning the former could’ve put up Wes Welker like numbers.

Alas, two of the final remnants of a fantastic Colts team are on their way out. Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne make up the final two. Kravtiz says the Colts have every intention of putting Freeney’s name in the Lucas Oil ring of honor.

You’ve heard about the reunion taking place this Sunday, yes?

Chuck Pagano, fresh back from kicking leukemia’s ass (thankfully), will be returning to Baltimore when the Colts take on the Ravens. Pagano was on Baltimore’s coaching staff from 2008 to 2011, serving as a secondary coach and coordinating a dominating defense before being hired by the Colts in 2012 to fill their vacant head coach position. Now at Indianapolis, the Colts defense hasn’t been as good as Pagano’s with the Ravens because it’s transitioned to a 3-4 and has several new parts. They’ve struggled all season long, and they’ll have their work cut out for them on Sunday. They allow the third most rush yards per game (137.5) and second most average per rush (5.1), and they’re facing Ray Rice.

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When Jim Irsay shows up looking like an Orange County frat boy while at the helm of the Mayflower for a playoff game, you know it’s on.

Ahhh yes, and we have our first Mayflower reference of the week. Actually, it’s probably at least the seventh. Although we’ll be reminded of that embedded storyline which is on the lowest possible branch of the story tree relentlessly this weekend, there’s now an entire generation of football fans who weren’t alive to remember the Baltimore Colts. Johnny U forever.

Don’t feel shame if you’re not up on story of the franchise Jim’s father stole in the middle of the night. Start that education by watching the ESPN 30 for 30 doc, The Band That Wouldn’t Die. It’s a pretty cool side story.

But what of modern day? Well, these two teams have met twice in the playoffs recently, with the Colts winning both games (2006 and 2010). That’s when a dude named Peyton was around, though. The Colts are Andrew Luck’s team now, meaning Sunday we’ll see a quarterback who will get consideration for offensive rookie of the year. He’ll oppose a sometimes brilliant, but more often inconsistent soon-to-be free agent counterpart. And we’ll also watch possibly the last game for one of the best middle linebackers in NFL history, whose unmatched on-field intensity has soiled many pairs of pants.

We’ll let the pundit lips spin their neatly-woven webs of poetic waxing with the abundance of talking points. Other such matters may actually determine the outcome of this game.

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Chuck Pagano’s return to the sidelines went pretty damn well. The Colts defeated Houston 28-16, ending the Texans hopes of securing the number one seed in the AFC. The Colts, their owner — Jim Irsay — and Pagano celebrated in the style after the game. Dance fella dance.

h/t to cjzero for the video

Your pursuit of elusive value and easily exploitable matchups has reached its zenith this week, a week in which you can own all of the marbles, or perhaps lose your marbles.

The choice is yours. But when you’re looking for the best defensive matchup during championship week, your search should start in Indianapolis, the land where drinking frothy beverages is not permitted during the holiest of days at any fine establishment.

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