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I’ve tried to avoid even any thought of a growing cavernous divide between Robert Griffin III and his head coach Mike Shanahan, both here and generally in my life. The latter is more difficult, since reading and consuming NFL content is sort of what I do. But I strongly suggest that you take the necessary steps to rid yourself of this senseless noise.

The matter can be summarized quickly, and thusly: an injured quarterback wants to play quarterback more, and his coach won’t let him (yet) because it’s his job to ensure the injured quarterback is brought along slowly. The injured quarterback is displeased, though he understands, while coach and team move forward. OK then, done.

Of course, this tender approach didn’t happen late last season after Griffin initially suffered his knee injury, a misstep which is maybe effecting Shanahan’s approach now. If that’s the case, good. We, as humans, have the cognitive ability to learn from our mistakes. In this case, Shanny is the child who thought licking the frozen pole in winter would be fun. Never again.

What we care most about around here and what we continue to care most about for fantasy footballing purposes is Griffin’s availability on Sept. 9, when the Redskins open their season against the Eagles. And we’re still being reminded that one rather important hurdle which seems like a formality needs to be cleared.

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I’m making an honest, genuine attempt to keep my overreacting balcony diving to a minimum during the preseason. We can observe and analyze, but maintaining perspective is the best way to achieve sanity. This is why I’ve tried not to run for the nearest typing device upon hearing about every notable training camp injury, resorting to sheer panic.

This is the exception, because Jamaal Charles is an exception for a lot of things.

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As the sands of time fall, so do the scheduled yearly NFL conversations of the day. Is it April? Draft stocks are rising, and players are being left entirely off draft boards. Is it early February? Someone said something absurd during Super Bowl Media Day. Engage.

When that chatter machine keeps churning and we reach the beginning of training camp in late July and early August, often the conversation turns to preseason injuries. Inevitably, there are a few notable and potentially crushing ones, so we wonder how those can be avoided, and how we can stop important players from ripping muscles in non-competitive environments.

We can’t, of course, because there’s always an injury risk any time a football player is on a football field, which even applies during spring OTAs. This past spring Michael Crabtree and Melvin Ingram went down, and a year ago it was Terrell Suggs. All we can do is brace for the chaos, and schedule all fantasy drafts as late as possible.

But this year seems different due to the concentration of crumbling at one specific position.

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On most days, being a wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers is a pretty sweet gig. You get to catch a lot of passes from a quarterback who has a career completion percentage of 65.7, and during Aaron Rodgers’ time as a starter he’s averaged 4,266 passing yards per season.

That’s a recipe for straight money, for both you, the Packers receiver, and you, the fantasy owner of a Packers receiver. The catch, though, is that one of those parties (the guy who’s actually playing football) has to stay healthy. Today we’ve been given our daily reminder that being a healthy and functioning football player is not an easy task. Ain’t that right, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb?

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Like anyone who watches and consumes far too much football-related content during a time of the year when meaningful football isn’t actually happening, my opinion on Robert Griffin III’s 2013 season has developed into a life form of its own in a way.

It started from its humble beginnings of unabashed pessimism, with the belief that Griffin will at the very least miss time this fall, and possibly even significant time (I believe at one point I had him missing four games). Then as he was repeatedly seen running and cutting on a football field, and generally doing football things, it was impossible for that outlook to remain the same.

This comparison feels as lazy as it is inevitable: there’s an increasing likelihood that we’re about to see something Adrian Peterson-esque from Griffin this season. I don’t mean that from purely a numbers standpoint. Sure, Griffin will produce, and produce very well. But what will be most impressive about Griffin is what awed us last year with Peterson. He’ll be on the field in a game situation, and he’ll look the same.

It’s encouraging, though, that despite all this rosy euphoria, one man’s plan for Griffin hasn’t changed.

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Welcome back to the post in which I try to either calm your grave fears, or contribute to the crushing of all your hopes. During the season, we’ll do this injury roundup/analysis/tear factory once a week, doing damage control on a Monday afternoon. For now, it’ll be a little more sporadic.

Today we have two stops on the hurt train. One of which is serious, and one is maybe less so.

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I’ve had a good cry now. That doesn’t make this particular Wednesday much different than most Wednesdsays, but this time, there’s especially deep sorrow.

As we learned last night, Percy Harvin will be cut up tomorrow by a man who’s hopefully trained in such matters, and he isn’t Dr. Nick. This is sad, not only from a fantasy perspective, but more importantly, from the perspective of people who enjoy watching great football players do great football things. That’s all of us.

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