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Over the weekend the busting and various shades of black and blue came hard and heavy, bringing with it early depression, and it’s still not even August yet. Somewhere, there’s laughter high above.

So let’s break down the breaks, and the fantasy implications. Cool? Cool.

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We’ve now had an evening to let the Percy Harvin injury news sit and simmer, and it wasn’t a good evening at all.

Yesterday I wrote that we need to chill out a little before breaking things during our Harvin reactions. I cautioned that we need to wait for the second opinion Harvin will seek, and that’s happening Tuesday. All of that is still true, but man, it’s really hard to not break out in cold sweats knowing what we now know.

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Already, the fantasy gods have imposed their will. Percy Harvin was a full participant in the Seahawks’ minicamp last month. Then sometime between now and then, something horrible happened.

Harvin has been placed on the physically unable to perform list to start training camp, and he could have a slight labrum tear, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

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I want to be overjoyed here about something newsy we’ve seen coming for a while. But truthfully, we’re all really seeing some potentially fine value on a top running back slip away.

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Busy times here in late July, Kids. With training camps opening throughout this week (indeed, two have already started, and oh gawd what’s happening with Lamar Miller?) we’ll get a constant stream of wondrous news regarding this player being fine and healthy, while this player is still straight screwed.

While I was assessing the impact of Von Miller’s reported Molly popping, two pretty important injury notes surfaced. So let’s catch up on the fantasy importance of those delicious nuggets with a bite-sized and very edible format…

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All spring/summer long when I’ve written about the various minutiae surrounding Robert Griffin III and his sexting recovery, one reminder has remained constant, just as it was a year ago when we went through this same process with Adrian Peterson. Facing contact is a crucial step, and one that’s still far away.

The connections between Peterson’s recovery and Griffin’s now have always been hovering: the late-season injury, the multiple tears, and the seemingly inhuman rate at which these finely-tuned athletic machines mend themselves. Now, there’s a reasonable chance that the Peterson/Griffin relationship will get yet another link.

Just like the Vikings running back, Griffin could start training camp on the physically unable to perform list.

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Truth talk: even at a younger age when I didn’t sit and type eight hours a day for a living and instead my job at the time was to babysit mushrooms (no, really), I would feel sore after a round of golf. This in turn led to shame, because 75 year olds would hack around, and they showed no ill effects from the act of walking and swinging a golf club for four hours. In hindsight, there’s a simple explanation for this: sucking a lot was very much a part of my game, and in those early days of a fleeting golf career, I likely swung on average twice as much as those elderly folk during a round.

Anywho, the point here is this: for those who either haven’t played or don’t play much, golf can be a physically taxing game. Especially if you really suck, and especially if you don’t wimp out like a little baby and take a cart. But healthy individuals should still be able to endure a full round of the walking and the swinging, before nursing any wounds (to your pride and elsewhere) in the clubhouse.

Jonathan Stewart is not a healthy individual.

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