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This very much falls into the “in case you missed it over the weekend while you were drinking things on docks” category. Oh, and I’m also fulfilling my contractual obligation to go crazy over every morsel of Robert Griffin III injury news.

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Everything about Robert Griffin III’s knee looks to be moving forward swimmingly, and it has been for quite some time. He’s been running, throwing, cutting, sprinting, shifting, juking, jiving, and generally quarterbacking.

Sure, all of that has happened in shorts during the spring, when facing contact (always the most important hurdle in any recovery) is a far away dream. But so far, the Robert Griffin III we’ve seen during OTAs has looked like the Robert Griffin III we saw throughout his dominant rookie season, which is quite remarkable since he tore his ACL and partially tore his LCL in January. That prompted reconstructive surgery, and initially the assumption was that he’d miss at least a month or so this fall, and likely more.

Ha, remember when that was a thing? Then Griffin started running on fields with exploding scoreboards, and blowing our damn minds. One question, though, and it’s a pretty big deal for both reality and fantasy purposes, especially for those of you who own Griffin in keeper or dynasty leagues.

Five years from now, will Griffin still be Griffin? How about 10?

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Can Trent Richardson get healthy? Will Trent Richardson stay healthy? These are the great questions of our time, though I’m still not convinced there’s reason to be seriously worried. Bones break, it happens.

Writing about injuries may have seemed tedious back in May (didn’t stop us though), but now we’re about three weeks away from training camp, which makes the discussion a little less obsessive. A little.

The moment any offensive player of note misses time in August, the loudest alarms will ring throughout the land and fantasy ADPs will fall to some fiery hell. That will undoubtedly happen with Richardson if he misses any training camp practice time, because following the end of his college career and a single NFL season, he’s earned the reputation of being some kind of large talking band-aid. I suppose this happens when as a running back, you have a shin strain which could develop into a stress fracture.

Collectively, fantasy fiends will continue to be worried about Richardson, because that exercise satisfies a deep inner need to worry about something. But right now, though, there are reasons to be at ease.

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I’m amazed at how much I’m still often amazed by football players, and how far they’re removed from being normal humans.

Example: last night for the first time in far longer than I’d like to admit because shame, I went to the gym in our grand, palatial office tower here at the dot com. As I began the lab rat routine of plugginging away on the treadmill, I recalled Chad Johnson running at 25 mph last week on a 2.5 percent incline. I put my machine up to 5.5 mph, and then started sucking back all the oxygen in the room (#bloglife).

Throughout the NFL season when routine injuries arise, I often do a cursory search for the nature of said injury, and I immediately regret that decision. Seriously, look at the Wikipedia page for “spasm“. It’s horrifying.

Football players aren’t just physically different than you and I. No, they’re mentally different too. Or, as Michael Bush has now revealed, maybe they’re just a little mental.

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In fairness, Calvin Johnson is a pretty interesting guy too. When you set the single-season record for receiving yards and nearly become the first wide receiver to finish with over 2,000 yards in a season, the interest level is pretty high. Oh, and thanks for finally smashing that Madden curse thing, Calvin. Die die die.

But as we first noted a few weeks ago, the two Lions receivers immediately behind him on the depth chart are about to up their interest factor quickly.

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During the Jaguars’ minicamp when Maurice Jones-Drew was on the sidelines, he said something interesting when he noted that in football years, he’s really only 23. That’s odd because in human years he’s 28, and in dog years he’s at least four.

He’s not necessarily wrong either…sort of and maybe. His rationale was that over the first three years of his career he split carries with Fred Taylor, which limited the pounding he faced, and the damage he had to endure. Fair enough, Mo (can I call you Mo? Cool), as you didn’t have your first +200 carry season until 2009, and you still haven’t quite had a +350 carry season (highest is 343).

However, MJD is only just now finishing his recovery from another major injury. This time it’s a Lisfranc, the most troubling type of ankle ailment for a running back, and previously he had microfracture surgery in 2011. So that 23-year-old projection might be just a little rich.

The most important note here for fantasy purposes is that although there was a reason to have just a touch of panic in your life a little while back when Jones-Drew still wasn’t running in June, he’s fine now.

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If we can’t react irrationally to news in June, what the hell is the point of fantasy football then? I seek no reality in my fantasy. There was a time not so long ago when, like everyone, I believed that a Ryan Broyles sighting early this upcoming season would occur only if almighty powers intervened. Although he’s young and therefore able to heal quickly, that seemed like a reasonable assumption since the Lions wide receiver has suffered a torn ACL in two straight seasons.

But alas, there’s something or someone up there, mending Broyles and giving him a chance to post many crooked digits opposite Calvin Johnson. I believe.

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