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We’re constantly reminded that anytime a football player is on a football field and he’s doing football things, a devastating injury could happen. That even applies now, in mid June with the early summer sun shining, and no pads present in each OTA or minicamp practice session. The mere act of sprinting and cutting at full speed can lead to a tear, or a break, or a shattering injury of some kind.

We’ve seen that with Melvin Ingram, the Chargers’ promising young pass rusher who tore his ACL, prompting the signing of Dwight Freeney. That trade off is a downgrade for San Diego, and its defense tasked with finding a way to lower Peyton Manning’s pocket comfort level twice every season.

Then it was Michael Crabtree, who tore his Achilles and he’ll miss most of the 2013 season. Most importantly for us and our fantasy football fiend purposes, Crabtree is now nearly useless, and he’s little more than a late-season waiver wire flier. That’s bitterly disappointing for a wide receiver who’s in the highly productive position of being Colin Kaepernick’s favorite target.

And now the latest June muscle rip doesn’t seem quite as significant at first simply because the name value is lacking. But this one hurts just the same, and depending on the corresponding move, there could be a fantasy element here too.

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I begged you to stop printing out Trent Richardson injury stories and making long ropes, which is unnecessary, a waste of paper, and it seems like a lot of effort.

We get it, he’s turned various shades of black and blue throughout his first season and now his first full offseason as a professional running back, and any injury is always concerning. But Richardson’s injuries have primarily been breaks, and those happen in football, a game rooted in large bodies colliding at speeds which cause great harm.

Bones break, and although he plodded at times (3.6 YPC), please remember that Richardson still recorded 950 rushing yards during his rookie season. Add in his 12 total touchdowns and 367 receiving yards, and that’s 190 fantasy points, significantly more than Matt Forte (167) and Chris Johnson (162).

So what I’m saying is this: stop your worrying about a guy who can clearly be productive while playing hurt after he posted most of those numbers while fighting through broken ribs for 11 games, and he missed Week 17. But the real reason to stop worrying about Richardson’s injury is because soon you’ll have no reason to worry about anything because an injury won’t exist.

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I had read scattered reports from last week’s practices that Robert Griffin III is now sprinting, and cutting, and doing some very explosive things with his surgically-repaired knee that made the folks in attendance forget he has a surgically repaired knee at all. But now Peter King (quick aside: our boy Petey shares a birthday today and forever with Kate Upton…poor Kate, always overshadowed and forgotten) dropped some very specific details in his Monday Morning Quarterback column, adding to the Griffin denim puncturing everywhere.

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I’ve made note of this a few times here in the early days of June, but sometimes it’s just so NFL offseason how quickly language gets deciphered and a new meaning is created. Often, guys like me are responsible for breaking the telephone (sorry) as we do our best to interpret meaning with the little information we’re given. So do us a favor, players, coaches, and general managers of the NFL, and try to speak with clarity foremost in mind? Thanks.

Oh, what’s that Ed Reed? You have something contradictory to say?

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Eventually, the amount of times a football player’s body is carved up by a doctor accumulate, and possibly shorten a career. Among quarterbacks, that’s likely true unless your name is Peyton Manning, and you’re susceptible only to kryptonite.

This may someday be a concern for Ben Roethlisberger, the large and surprisingly mobile man who seems to fight through nagging injuries every year, which has resulted in 2008 being the last time he played a full 16-game season. But no worries, he’ll be just fine after this latest surgery. Promise.

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When we’re not making timid leaps and updating expected moves up depths charts around here deep in the snail part of the offseason, we’re also fretting about lingering injuries and the possibility that they’ll continue to be very linger-y.

Those thoughts have led to many words of concern about the likes of DeMarco Murray and Trent Richardson. And now, our regularly scheduled programming returns to Maurice Jones-Drew.

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Any time any player is forced to have back surgery at any age, there’s a whole lot to worry about. This is especially true if said player absorbs a lot of contact while catching footballs up the middle of the field (Rob Gronkowski), and if the lingering effects of being carved up could drain a player of the agility he leans on to perform at an optimal level.

The latter is true with Jason Pierre-Paul, and now that he’s going under the knife today to repair a disc condition that bothered him throughout last season, we’re left to wonder what Jason Pierre-Paul we’ll see in Week 1. Or if we’ll see Jason Pierre-Paul at all in Week 1.

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