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I just don’t know anymore, Trent Richardson. I just don’t know.

I’m torn, man, and I’m trying not to overreact here, which is often a lost art. So before we go about the business of doing that, here’s the latest on his injury which seemed minor yesterday, and although it’s certainly not major now, it’s a little more than minor. Follow?

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Something odd has happened whenever I’ve taken a moment to think about the Cleveland Browns this offseason. Firstly, the fact that I’ve taken any moments at all to think about the Cleveland Browns is notable. But then what’s even better is that when I do that thinking, I experience an entirely foreign emotion as it relates to Browns football: excitement.

In numerous posts I’ve already slobbered all over the fantasy production potential of Jordan Cameron, who’s set to ascend Cleveland’s tight end depth chart and become Brandon Weeden’s primary target at the position. Then there’s Josh Gordon, who’s a really fast guy now in a Rob Chudzinski/Norv Turner offense which does great things for vertical options.

All of that is glorious. But even a year ago when the same pessimism which we’re so familiar with surrounded the Browns, there was still one source of trust: Trent Richardson. And that’s still true, though the more he’s injured in June and missing offseason activities, the more he tests that trust.

Don’t do us like this, Trent.

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Although I’ll continue to pass along the latest Robert Griffin III muscle twitch in addition to his forays into real estate (for the record, I’d put an elevator in my mansion/man pad too) because he’s a pretty important guy in the effort to win fake football matchups, my optimism for a Week 1 return still remains at a medium level.

But screw realism and stuff. On with the news, because like all knee-related Griffin news, it’s rather uplifting.

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Yesterday we learned that for the sixth time over the past 16 months, a highly skilled man or woman will cut into Rob Gronkowski’s body to fix a problem. Or he’ll draw the short straw and get Dr. Nick. Either way, the total knife cutting count remains the same.

This time, though, he faces back surgery, the second such procedure in this football existence (he missed the entire 2009 season at Arizona). But don’t worry guys, this is a minor back injury, because that exists.

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I know. It’s still May, which lessens the blow of every major injury or surgery, and decreases its fantasy impact. But the amount of times today we’ve had to remind ourselves that it’s May is troubling.

First it was Arian Foster and his calf strain which requires crutches, and he’ll miss the rest of Houston’s OTAs. That sucks, but he’ll still be fine for training camp. Oh, and you should still be scared.

Now we’ve learned that Rob Gronkowski — one of the best tight ends in the land — will need back surgery.

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Yes, we expected this. So no, it’s not surprising. We all know that the best surprises come in cereal boxes anyway.

But since the words “carted off” always induce cold sweats and they were in the same sentence as Arian Foster’s name yesterday, and since he’ll be the second overall pick in most fantasy leagues, let’s take a gander at what Gary Kubiak said today to put our minds even further at ease.

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Welcome again to one of those times when we observe the offseason bruising of a frequently bruised player, and try to make some sense of it, if there’s any sense to be made at all. Every football practice is inherently important, but a practice in May is much less important than one in September, so often a player sitting out said practice is either ignored, or given little attention.

But that doesn’t apply when you’re a guy who consistently breaks and therefore your name is DeMarco Murray, or if you’re a 30-year-old running back, and therefore your name is Frank Gore.

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