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Physically at least, but maybe emotionally. Or perhaps he’s just not that good anymore, and never was, but we’ll leave those barbs for another day. We still understand human emotion around here, although we try not to acknowledge it.

During the Jaguars loss to Oakland that was surprisingly entertaining in a Three Stooges meets Donald Duck sort of way, the cruel hand of darkness spun its evil powers on Gabbert. Just when he began to look competent again for the first time in a long time, he was crunched and left with a shoulder injury. At first the severity was unclear, although Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey said his starting quarterback has a good chance to play in Week 8.

Now there’s talk of a tear, but thankfully it’s located in the shoulder that Gabbert doesn’t use 30 some odd times per game to throw a football. ESPN’s Ed Werder reported preliminary results of an MRI showed Gabbert may have torn the labrum in his non-throwing shoulder. It’s an injury that would be of the season-ending variety if it was located in the opposite shoulder, but since men who play football are not of this Earth and possess minds which often do not allow for rational thought, Gabbert won’t be out for the season. Nope, not at all, and there’s still a chance he could play this week.

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When something either awesome or terrible happens throughout the fantasy season, almost immediately I mentally reflect back to August, when hope floated softly in the warm late-summer air, and failure’s bitter death grasp hadn’t yet sunk its nails deep into our skin.

Oh yes, cheerful times indeed. I didn’t do this earlier today when Maurice Jones-Drew was ruled out for Week 8 against the Packers after suffering a foot injury yesterday, because while that thoroughly sucks, it wasn’t exactly surprising, and a one-game absence alone isn’t a blow to MJD’s season. Miss a game, rest a little, and come back stronger. That would be so very Utopian of Jones-Drew.

But there’s more, because there’s always more, and it could get a lot worse fast.

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If you’re someone who thrives off other peoples injuries, Oakland-Jacksonville is must see TV.

Blaine Gabbert has left the game with a shoulder injury, joining Maurice Jones-Drew on the sidelines. Chad Henne replaces the Breaker High extra. Before the injury, Gabbert left his mark on the game with this wonderful throw to Cecil Shorts.


The three of you watching the Raiders and Jags right now already know this, but I’m assuming most people are tuned into the hype fest that is New England and New York – insufferable the lot of them.

Jones-Drew injured his ankle on only his second carry of the game. At first glance it was thought MJD was getting it taped but the Jags training staff was keeping his leg elevated.

Rashad Jennings – who already has a touchdown in this game – will get the bulk of the workload today. Hopefully MJD’s injury isn’t serious.

UPDATE: After the game, head coach Mike Mularkey said the boot worn by Jones-Drew was only precautionary, but he wasn’t able to offer a timetable for his starting running back’s likely absence. MJD owners should put their waiver claim in on Jennings now after removing their collective heads from the freezer. He’s currently available in 80 percent of Yahoo leagues, and 86 percent of ESPN leagues.

If you’re in a dynasty or keeper league, you’re worried about Justin Blackmon. If you’re in a re-draft league and grabbed last spring’s fifth overall pick as a depth option, you’re worried about Justin Blackmon. If you play fantasy football and breathe oxygen, you’re worried about Justin Blackmon.

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When Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert (who has the most accurate arm on the planet) left Sunday’s 27-7 loss to the Houston Texans, it was first reported that he was sitting out to rest an apparent hamstring injury. Well, that wasn’t truly accurate. According to Jags’ head coach Mike Mularkey, Gabbert’s hammy wasn’t the problem.

Nope, he was actually butt-hurt.

“It’s really not even a hamstring,” Mularkey said Monday. “It’s more of a glute. Your butt muscle — your glut.”

I could go a lot of ways with a juvenile and puerile joke, but instead I’ll take the high road and report the rest of the story without giggling like a school girl.

Mularkey said that his sophomore QB may be limited in practice on Wednesday, but should be ready for the Jags’ game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

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You’re aware by now that Maurice Jones-Drew finally ended his holdout Sunday morning after coming to the realization that he had no leverage whatsoever. The fact that it took him 38 days to reach that euphoric moment could be very, very bad for you.

Or it could mean nothing at all.

There’s no definitive, statistical way to answer or quantify the question posed by our friendly headline, because each body and mind will react differently to a lengthy absence. Any responsible athlete will maintain his conditioning regardless of his personal circumstances, and Jones-Drew has undoubtedly done that, along with every other player who’s held out before him.

The concern lies in the missed playbook absorbing time during training camp practices, if that’s applicable. It was last year with Chris Johnson, and it is again this year with MJD.

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