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We thought this was coming. No, we knew this was coming, or we thought we knew it was coming.

But really, as we tried to measure Jamaal Charles’ ceiling in a new offense under Andy Reid throughout the offseason, we were lying to ourselves. Not even the foremost seers among us could have predicted the sudden boom we’re seeing from Charles.

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Previously during this series in which I’ve debated a topic with no one but myself, we’ve discussed the merits of both Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster as the No. 1 overall pick in your upcoming fantasy drafts, if you’re lucky enough to be the guy who gets to screw up said pick.

Ar first it seems like a race that involves only two horses, which consequently seems like a race rife with boredom and nothingness. But if we accept the reality that there are “what ifs?” associated with every top pick, then the speculative questions surrounding Peterson and Foster are at least enough to induce involuntary jitters.

What if the fact that Christian Ponder is the Vikings’ quarterback finally has its seemingly inevitable torpedo effect on Peterson? What if, after drafting DeAndre Hopkins, the Texans make a conscious effort to become a passing offense? That would seem like an especially intelligent thought a year after Foster was given over 400 carries, a workload which is never comforting.

Those are, of course, the most reaching and grasping criticisms. But debating the No. 1 pick is very much an exercise rooted in reaching and grasping as we explore players who are separated by the thinnest margins at the top.

The man who has the floor today has very few factors out of his control that could make his season swim with the fishes, and a significant reason to expect a trend upwards, even after a season when he logged 1,745 all-purpose yards.

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When Andy Reid touched down in Kansas City, the glee surrounding the rising fantasy potential of Jamaal Charles was instant. Which, in turn, was pretty impressive, because in Charles we have a running back who chugged for 1,509 yards on the ground in 2012 after recovering from a thoroughly sliced and diced knee. That included two games with over 200 yards, and another one with 165. He didn’t pretend to be normal.

But there was still an element missing which would have taken Charles from an elite 192 fantasy points, to something even better than elite, if that exists.

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UPDATE: Charles returned for the Chiefs’ final series before halftime. May your racing heart resume its normal pace.

There isn’t any uplifting news on Bowe, though, as he’s officially done for the day. At least those who flexed him still received solid production from that spot, as he finished with 70 yards on just two catches.

It’s far too early to start doing anything drastic and jabbing sharp objects into areas of your body where such an action will cause great pain. But what’s happening with Jamaal Charles right now is the kind of creative evil only the fantasy gods could imagine.

Charles is part of an early juggernaut day for the running back position in this afternoon’s games, as he had 103 rushing yards in one quarter while Adrian Peterson had 104, putting both on pace for +400 yards overall, and they also combined for three touchdowns (Charles’ came on an 80-yard run). Toss in Alfred Morris’ 68 yards in the first quarter of Washington’s game against Baltimore with a touchdown, and the three had 48 fantasy points. Pants have been soiled throughout America.

But then the aforementioned fantasy overlords had their way with Charles. He exited early in the second quarter with an apparent shoulder injury, and he was seen with a group of trainers huddled around him on the Chiefs’ sideline. As I write this, Charles is on the bench and unable to participate in the Chiefs’ most recent drive. Annnd now you’ve soiled your second pair of pants today, only this time it’s sorrow urine. The worst.

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Fantasy trade deadlines are around the corner, meaning it’s time to get active since this will be your last chance to make significant changes to your roster.

In this week’s edition of the Trading Post, we get ready to cut ties with a very productive quarterback, and we seize the opportunity to dump an unreliable running back.

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“He that can have patience can have what he will.”

– Benjamin Franklin

Often there’s nothing immediate about the running game. Sometimes there is, and sometimes there’s a burst early in the first quarter. A 40-yard run brings roars, spilled beer, and warm embraces between strangers. All is peaceful and perfect.

But more often it’s a process. A fighting, grinding process. Last night Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was a willing participant in that process, a week after he really, really wasn’t, and Jamaal Charles received only five carries.

Fantasy owners are grateful, Brian.

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Not even a little bit.

There are far too many clichès to describe what’s going on right now in Kansas City, and they all grew from the roots of blood-stained grass where men grunt and hit each other, and other men grunt on the sidelines while watching the symphony of grunting. That’s the theater of yesteryear that the Chiefs and Ravens are staging right now in a game that’s tied 3-3 at halftime.

How so? Welp, let’s consult the boxscore. First, there’s the seven pass attempts by Matt Cassel, five of which have been successful, and three of those completions have landed in the hands of Dwayne Bowe. The other two were caught by Jamaal Charles and Shaun Draughn, making Bowe the only wide receiver to be useful thus far, or more accurately, to be made useful.

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