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Let’s have a little bit more fun with snap counts, this time with a player who at first seems insignificant, but you quickly realize his potential importance to a lot of owners in a lot of leagues after a glance ahead to the upcoming Week 9 byes.

Thy name is Jared Cook, the Titans tight end who’s been a breakout candidate for like nine years. Cook was widely drafted as a secondary tight end this year, with an ADP of 145th overall in leagues. That’s the kind of draft territory in which you’re clicking, and hoping for something. Anything really, with the minimal draft investment made in Cook’s upside and potential leading to equally minimal concern if that investment fails miserably. Essentially, I just wasted the preceding sentence explaining the basic definition of a flier pick.

So that’s Cook. High on upside, low on trust, and actually high on consistency. The problem is that he’s been consistently average, pacing along at a clip of 46.6 receiving yards per week. And really, that’s fine, right? You’re cool with having average from your TE2 as long as he still provides bust out potential when you’re forced to plug him in due to a bye or injury. Cook does that, or at least he did.

Judging by yesterday’s usage, his upside could be fading quickly.

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