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Okay. So, I know you’re probably going to see this picture and your attention will be immediately drawn to Jared Veldheer, the 325 pound offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders, and rightfully so. It appears as though Veldheer’s diet consists exclusively of titan shank and X-Men blood.

However, I beseech you to look to Veldheer’s left in order to attain the proper perspective.

Those three men are likely the biggest fish in the majority of ponds. They are without a doubt the muskies of their respective lakes. They all weigh in excess of 200 pounds, and they’re all absolutely dwarfed by Veldheer. They look like miniature Mousketeers next to the offensive tackle.

I’m unsure if they’re his friends, or merely an appetizer for the main course.

According to Silver & Black Pride, Veldheer has been beefing up in preparation for the Raiders switch back to a power blocking scheme. I’d imagine that his off-season routine is probably a good start to ensuring more playing time this coming year.