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Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

UPDATE: Adam Schefter is reporting that the deal is for six-years, $120.6 million, making Flacco the highest paid player in NFL history.


According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco will sign a new deal with the Baltimore Ravens that would make him the highest quarterback in NFL history.


More to follow…


Read that headline again. I mean really read it, and feel it.

That’s the question we’re essentially discussing as Joe Flacco begins his quest to rob all of the banks, just days after he was named the Super Bowl MVP.

Flacco is a pending free agent, and eventually he’ll be signed to a lucrative long-term contract by the Ravens. It may not happen until the middle of the Summer, and it may require the use of the franchise tag in the interim. But it’ll happen, as no competent franchise would allow the championship-game MVP to walk.

But as both the Ravens and by extension the rest of the NFL community (see: us) begin to scrutinize Flacco’s long-term value after his agent said that he deserves to be the highest paid quarterback (and therefore the highest paid player in the league), it’s difficult to abandon our recency bias. We primarily remember what happened yesterday, or this week, or this month, and not a player’s entire body of work. It’s hard to get past this tendency, because it’s such a fundamental human habit. Right now upon just hearing Joe Flacco’s name the image of him holding the Lombardi Trophy immediately flashes in your mental slideshow, followed by his key throws in Sunday’s game.

Try you must, though, because the evaluation of Flacco’s play and potential becomes much deeper than that, and the Aaron Rodgers question is a central one.

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Pictured on the left: The next quarterback of the New York Jets? Bills?

In this season of pistol offenses, spread formations, and mobile quarterbacks, it was hard not to get caught up in the offensive evolution of the NFL. After all, the league doesn’t have many seasons like the one we just witnessed, as most coaches are rather close-minded when it comes to evolving.

In the endless hours leading up to the Super Bowl, sports networks exhausted the topic of mobile quarterbacks and how successful they can be, using Colin Kaepernick’s rise as the springboard for their debate. One network asked if mobile quarterbacks will ever overtake pure pocket passers as the standard of the position, and all four of its analysts shot that idea down rather quickly. And so did Joe Flacco, emphatically.

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The other day I stood at the sports bookshelf in the corner of Barnes and Noble and read Gary Myers’  book “Coaching Confidential: Inside the fraternity of NFL Coaches”.

It was an all blue cover, with title font painted white across a godly sky, and below it, a play-caller. The play-call sheet in the hand of the pictured coach was indicative of such, but one knows to never judge a book by its cover. The book featured an interesting chapter on Robert Kraft and how he went through hell with Bill Parcells before meeting the antichrist Bill Belichick. While reading it, a couple of teenage  boys dressed in camouflage to my right made it clear that they’re not exactly avid readers (“I ain’t gon read no books”). To my left, a young girl held open a book and spoke with her father, who was scanning the bookshelf.

Girl: Daddy, why do you watch football?

Dad: Why do you watch Dora?

Girl: Because it’s good.

Dad: Well, I watch football because it’s good too.

And all went silent, that is before she blurted out “football is borrrrrring”.  I chose to ignore that wavelength. The father was right, football is good, and it was good to its fans this past weekend. Those who dislike the New England Patriots — I’m not a name-dropper, Bills fans — were particularly thrilled as the Ravens put the brakes on the Patriots’ dynamic offense and throttled them 28-13 behind the wonderful play of Joe Flacco and play-calling of Jim Caldwell.

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Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco played as big as his size this past Sunday against the New York Giants, registering three total touchdowns in a division clinching 33-14 win. It was one of his most impressive performances of the season, but questions still surround the future of the signal-caller. Has he shown enough to be deserving of a lucrative contract extension?

Arguments can be made for and against the Delaware alum because of his inconsistent play this season. His play has been equivalent to a roller coaster, with highs and lows seemingly coming at the least expected times, and that’s not to be expected from a franchise quarterback. At times this season, he’s made mistakes that have truly cost his team points in backbreaking fashion. But he’s made his fair share of brilliant throws that illustrate superb arm strength, underrated mobility, and quality accuracy.

Perhaps the biggest question that general manager Ozzie Newsome and his associates will be asking themselves is how much of Flacco’s issues can be improved, and which of them are entirely his fault?

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In this, our last trading post of the year, I’d like to start by congratulating all those who tried to carry out any of the suggestions laid out here. Owners that only build through the draft and the waiver wire are severely limiting the potential of their team.

We had some good times in the trading post – escaping the sinking ship named Darren McFadden and jumping on board the Doug Martin train a little earlier than most. However, those were countered by some very remorseful Sundays. Trading for Larry Fitzgerald and Eli Manning are two pieces of advice that continue to haunt me and my teams to this day.

Enough about the blunders of the past – with trade deadlines sounding all over the continent, it’s time to get down to business…

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Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

For those of you out there questioning my use of a soap opera title sequence from 1965 – and not the one referenced in the title – give me a second, there is a method to the madness.

Week 1 ended with a bit of a thud on Monday night. Thankfully Chris Berman has been put in a box and shipped to Bristol to do what he does best – call baseball games? The biggest takeaway came from M&T Bank Stadium.

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