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It’s easy to second guess a coach during a game. On any given sideline, 53 players will have at least 54 opinions of what should be done on any given play. There is what each privately thinks and doesn’t share, and what they all would agree is in the best interest of the team. That’s why a coach calls plays and players do as they are told. When a coach second guesses his players, it’s not easy to swallow.

The media debate around John Fox’s decision on the final possession of regulation in the Denver Broncos loss to the Baltimore Ravens has been pretty intense. The Ravens just roasted the Broncos’ secondary for a 70-yard bomb to tie the game. Denver took the ball on their 20-yard line needing only a field goal to end the game and advance to the playoffs. They had Peyton Manning at quarterback, and he’s led the second most game-winning drives in NFL history. They were in Denver. The players and pieces were on their marks. Ready? SET?


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