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When a man’s employment is at stake, he’ll do awful, desperate things that may or may not involve a long, dark alley. He’ll also eat TV dinners to save money and wash it down with a tall glass of fireball whiskey, because debt always comes full circle to a time when drinking cinnamon liquor was really cool.

When a GM is canned, the head coach can often follow. So after the Panthers fired Marty Hurney earlier this week, Ron Rivera began his deep, long walk into desperate times. For anyone who admits to supporting the current edition of the 1-5 Panthers, that means further Sunday frustration could follow. But for those who enjoy clarity in their fake backfields, Rivera’s new mindset could bring joy.

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Game-time decisions are decided in the time before game time. Also, water is wet, the sky is blue, monsters are scary, and cats suck.

So, as we creep closer to that time tonight, know this, Jonathan Stewart owners: he’s probably not playing. You knew that, though, and hopefully you’ve already made alternative plans. But now it’s just been sort of, almost confirmed.

So thanks, PFT, and Mike Florio’s sources who told him that it “doesn’t look good” for Stewart tonight due to his ankle injury that he aggravated in Week 2. Since we’re not against becoming a record that isn’t rotating properly, repeat this with me again, because it’s a fact that can’t be emphasized enough for fantasy purposes: Thursday night games every week suck.

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