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Cleveland Browns v Denver Broncos
Josh Cribbs is deciding between two teams and neither of them are the Browns. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mary Kay Cabot reports the ace kick returner has narrowed his choices down to the Patriots and Cardinals, according to her source.

The Pats are looking to replace Julian Edelman and Josh Demps while the Cardinals probably don’t want Patrick Peterson putting his body on the line returning kicks while honing his cornerback skills.

Cribbs amassed 1,178 yards on kick returns, including three 40+ runs. He ran for 457 yards on punt returns, extending seven of them beyond 20 yards.

Josh Cribbs has absorbed a few massive, crushing blows that initiate the male animal instinct to jump up, wave a towel that was inexplicably sitting nearby, and yell OOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!1.

First, there was this…

That was in 2010, and it led to a concussion and a one-game absence. The James Harrison hit came early in a season that saw a weekly circus of head banging that eventually led to drastic off-season rules to curb the practice of launching at heads. Those rules were equally polarizing and protective, with blood thirsty fans saying they’re no longer entertained and they feared the demise of their gladiator sport, while the rest of us realized that evolution is a natural process of our civilized world.

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This was scary. It starts with Dannell Ellerbe’s shoulder, and its forceful impact with Josh Cribbs’ head. Then there’s the flying helmet, leaving the head exposed as Cribbs bounces off the turf.

Amazingly, he walked off the field after laying motionless for a few minutes, and he seemed to be pleading with the Browns’ training staff, asking to stay in the game before leaving for the locker room. There was no penalty on the play since Cribbs was retuning a punt, and therefore wasn’t a defenseless player.