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Should you start Josh Freeman under any circumstance? NO NO NO NO NO NO

But what about Rob Gronkowski? Or David Wilson? Or Michael Turner? Or Sean Tomlinson? You should definitely start that last guy. As for the rest, well, they’re scrubs, and a scrub is a guy who can’t get no love from you (so sorry).

Championship week is here, and predictably your questions and roster decisions are getting difficult. They made my head hurt, but in fairness, so do multiplication tables. So let’s fill the Thursday Night Football void in our lives, and meander through the championship tweetbag together.

Grab your green hat.

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This past Sunday the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned their second road win in successive weeks, defeating the Oakland Raiders 42-32. It was the second consecutive week that the Buccaneers scored at least 36 points, and a big part of that offensive surge has been the great running of rookie tailback Doug Martin. Martin, who ripped off a 251-yard game against the Raiders, has been everything Greg Schiano and the Buccaneers hoped for, but so has Josh Freeman, whose play is being overlooked.

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We’ve reached the point in the fantasy season where managers should pick a course of action for their team. There are three possible options:

1. Your team has no chance of making the playoffs, and if you’ve in a keeper league, you should begin the fire-sale immediately.

2. Your team is scrambling to make the playoffs, and all you care about is winning this coming Sunday.

3. Your team is destined for the playoffs, and you can afford the luxury of making some decisions based on future matchups (i.e. fantasy playoffs).

It’s crucial that you classify your team properly, because heading down the wrong path could cost you a championship.

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Temptation is a hell of a drug. It makes otherwise sane men eat a Dorito taco shell, because why the hell not. It makes children lick icicles, and it made us watch a reality TV show that started the gradual decay of society. But hey, girls and boobs, right?

So I understand the Josh Freeman temptation you’re feeling this morning. You’re itching, jittery, and scared. This especially applies if you’re in a league that allows quarterbacks to be played at the flex spot, or if you’re the very concerned owner of a QB in the muddled second tier who has a less than ideal matchup this week (HI, Matthew Stafford). You’re heavily considering starting Freeman tonight, partly because of the preceding sentence, but also because you hate yourself after he sat on your bench last week.

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