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I usually decide what clothes I’m going to wear on any given day by selecting the items with the fewest buttons (#bloglife). So like many of you, struggling with close calls and Sunday strategy is commonplace, and the importance of last-minute decisions is heightened now over the next three weeks during the fantasy playoffs. So each week let’s work through a difficult call together that may or may not be from one of my rosters in a blatant attempt to crowd source.

Often these tough calls involve lower tier wide receivers under consideration for a WR3 or flex spot. We’ll list the arguments — either supporting or otherwise — for player each rapid fire stylez, and then make a call that’s sure to fail. This week: Josh Gordon vs. Pierre Garcon.

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Don’t look now, but the Cleveland Browns have won two straight games and they appear to be making strides as a young team. They had five plays of 20 or more yards against the Oakland Raiders in Week 13 and they forced another turnover, their ninth in two weeks. I know what you’re thinking: “they beat the Raiders,” but a win is a win is a win. During this most recent win, the Browns were able to dismantle the Raiders’ pass coverage with multiple big plays, including one that really intrigued me: a 22-yard reception by tight end Ben Watson.

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A funny thing happened today: a Browns player who isn’t named Trent Richardson became relevant again.

There was another first too. My usual game watching and perusal of boxscores and various other numbers afterwards led to a game involving the Cleveland Browns being featured prominently in one of these Sunday reaction/observation/rant posts.

Let’s never speak of this again.

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