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It was the winter of 2009 when Scott Pioli was given the keys to the Kansas City Chiefs’ storied franchise. It had endured a tumultuous 2-14 season and like any other bad team, it had a myriad of issues. One of those issues was a struggling defense.

It had given up nearly 28 points per game, good for 29th in the NFL, and needed a new direction. Pioli, previously a longtime New England Patriots VP of player personnel, knew what a good defense looked like. He’d worked under one of the greatest defensive masterminds ever in Bill Belichick at various stops since the early 90s and saw many top notch gameplans. Unsurprisingly, Pioli went the route that Belichick did, installing a sturdy two-gap, 3-4 defense instead of continuing the lax one-gap, 4-3 defense that the Chiefs had been playing in the years prior.

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Asked about Marcus Cooper’s skill-set, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid spoke with admiration.”He’s big, he’s fast, and he’s got good cover and good hips,” Reid said. “It looks like he’s very instinctive with things. He’s young at the position; he’s young in the league and he played wide receiver at Rutgers, before. It’s just a matter of reps. Sure, he’s competitive. I appreciate seeing that.”

Cooper changed positions only three years ago. He was a wide receiver at Rutgers, as Reid said, but then a hand injury forced him to switch to cornerback. So it’s understandable that he’ll struggle at times this season, his first of extensive action.

The Chiefs have given him plenty of snaps (as much as 80 in a game) and have frequently left him on the perimeter in press-man coverage. Although he’s done surprisingly well thus far, it’s no easy task on a weekly basis, especially for a guy who’s still learning the technical side of the game. One misstep, and it’s over.

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We thought this was coming. No, we knew this was coming, or we thought we knew it was coming.

But really, as we tried to measure Jamaal Charles’ ceiling in a new offense under Andy Reid throughout the offseason, we were lying to ourselves. Not even the foremost seers among us could have predicted the sudden boom we’re seeing from Charles.

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Run left? Nope. Run right? Not happening. Run middle? No chance. The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense has stymied running games through two weeks, holding the Jacksonville Jaguars and Dallas Cowboys to a total of 108 yards and zero touchdowns. Now headed into Week 3, they face their toughest test yet: Chip Kelly and the fast-moving Philadelphia Eagles.

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I’m making an honest, genuine attempt to keep my overreacting balcony diving to a minimum during the preseason. We can observe and analyze, but maintaining perspective is the best way to achieve sanity. This is why I’ve tried not to run for the nearest typing device upon hearing about every notable training camp injury, resorting to sheer panic.

This is the exception, because Jamaal Charles is an exception for a lot of things.

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Allow me to put you in John Dorsey’s shoes. After more than a decade with the Green Bay Packers, Dorsey was hired by the Kansas City Chiefs to turn around a talented but poorly coached roster that lacks a lifeblood. That lifeblood is the quarterback position, the most important position of all in football, if not any sport. Last season it was manned by an ineffective Matt Cassel, who was given the boot upon Dorsey’s arrival. That led to Dorsey looking at all his other options, which were admittedly limited.

One of the options is always the draft, which offers a few talented passers, but none were worthy of the Chiefs’ first-round selection this year, one that happened to be the first overall pick. That put Dorsey in a quandary, which is later exacerbated by the unappealing free agent options — other than former New Orleans Saints’ passer Chase Daniel, of course. He then looked to his next option: trading for the one quarterback on the market who has experience in big-game moments, wins under his belt, and he can work well within a tailored system: Alex Smith of the San Francisco 49ers.

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It’s coming. Load up on hot dogs and Jiffy Pop, and make sure your favorite living room chair is in peak working order. Training camp is just over a week away, which means the 2013 NFL season is exactly seven weeks away, which means you have less than two months left to see your family. Hooray?

Yes, the longest winter is almost over, and with July at its halfway point, we’re also about to enter the fantasy football wonderland of August. That’s a time when dreams are created, only to be shattered shortly thereafter. So right about now seems like a good time to do some previewing.

Going in reverse order of the 2012 standings and starting today with the Chiefs and their intriguing new offense under Andy Reid, I’ll be continually rolling out team previews. Using handy little categories denoted by bolding and underlining, I’ll separate the fantasy contributors on each team, starting with the studliest studs, and ending with the deepest reaching sleepers and handcuffs.

Starting a preview series with the Chiefs seems like a foolproof way to guarantee success. This Internet thing, man. I’m good.

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