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Ed Reed doesn’t get punked on Sundays often. Knowshon Moreno accomplished that rare feat on a 20-yard run at the end of the first quarter.

Denver leads 10-0 late in the half, and Moreno has 74 yards on 13 carries, good for seven fantasy points. This isn’t the first time he’s made efficient use of air space…

It’s natural to fear what’s unfamiliar and different. I still haven’t outgrown my fear of haircuts, for example. This is likely directly linked to the sight of numerous smooth heads at every family outing, and the everlasting anguish over cutting what may never grow back.

Knowshon Moreno is change. He is all of the change, and every reason to be scared.

You haven’t been able to trust Moreno since…well, have you ever been able to trust Moreno? For a minute forget the fact that prior to his 111 total yards yesterday on 24 touches (20 carries and four receptions) Moreno had been inactive since Week 2, and take a little gander at his totals last year. Sure, Moreno’s 2011 season ended early with an ACL tear, giving Willis McGahee the opportunity to continue running with a job that he had already taken anyway. But even prior to that Week 10 injury he only had 127 rushing yards and 224 total yards over six games. In short, he was the epitome of the plodding, backup runner who gave McGahee a blow while never topping 70 yards of offense in a game.

In shorter, he was exactly who he’s always been: an underwhelming first-round pick who’s only rushed for over 100 yards twice in 39 game appearances, yet he’s still managed to fumble nine times. Truly remarkable.

So should you trust him now? (*Looks at schedule*) Yes.

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