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The Ravens lost their most important player on Sunday, and it wasn’t Ray Lewis. It was Lardarius Webb.

Webb, their star cornerback, was lost ten plays into the game against the Dallas Cowboys to a torn ACL. It was Webb’s second torn ACL since 2009, and it was a significant blow to a defense that needs as many top cover guys as it can get right now because they have little pass rush. But another reason the loss is significant is because of Webb’s playmaking and versatility.

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Every member of the Ravens’ defense will have a knee injury of some kind at the conclusion of their game against the Cowboys this afternoon. It’s trendy, and it’s the new Gangnam Style.

First it was Lardarius Webb, and then Haloti Ngata followed. The Ravens have now confirmed that both of their key defensive anchors have knee sprains, making their returns questionable at best, and highly unlikely.

While the result of those injuries would typically be an aerial bombardment due to the lack of both pocket pressure on Tony Romo and elite coverage down the field, there’s a far more troubling problem that’s not directly connected to the absence of Ngata and Webb, and also Terrell Suggs. A ground gashing is underway, and there’s blood everywhere.

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