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Bryce Brown’s dalliance with the starting job in Philadelphia will come to an end when the Eagles host Washington this weekend. Yes, Shady is back.

Before McCoy owners begin to pop the bubbly Andy Reid provided caution, stating McCoy would not be on a normal workload when he returns.

After busting onto the scene in week 12, Brown’s production has dropped off a cliff. 178 and 169 yard performances was followed by just 40 rushing yards in two games. His drop off has been plagued with fumbling issues, losing the ball three times in two weeks.

McCoy owners get their workhorse back just in time for the championships — but beware. We’re not sure how involved he’ll be as Reid aims to ease him back into the lineup. Before the injury McCoy averaged 98.5 yards per game.

There are times on weekends when I’m permitted to do things that don’t involve the Internet in any capacity. Strange, yes, but usually that sickness lasts for an hour or so tops. Don’t worry.

I assume you’re often stricken with the same illness too as you pursue your hobby of having a “life” and doing “things.” The result is that sometimes there are important and delicious bread crumbs of fantasy football knowledge and comments from coaches, players, etc. that tumble through the wickets on Saturday, the day of rest. So if you had already heard/read the quite vital comment from one Andy Reid below regarding his backfield going forward, please indulge me briefly. Never fear, we’ll resume lamenting about the failed fantasy Sunday that was shortly.

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This is both awesome and awful, but mostly confusing.

Both Michael Vick and LeSean McCoy passed their baseline concussion tests, and they might practice tomorrow as the Eagles prepare for their Thursday night game against Cincinnati. For Vick it’s meaningless, as unless Nick Foles is injured he’ll be a backup for the remainder of the season. The Eagles have committed to Foles, making Vick little more than a highly paid hat model, and yet he’ll still likely find a way to hurt himself on the sideline. Don’t hand that man a clipboard.

But McCoy’s situation is a little different. If he’s healthy enough to play, he’ll play. It’s really that simple, and we’ve been given no indication which would lead us to expect anything else. And if he does indeed return Thursday, we’ll likely see the abrupt end of Bryce Brown’s relevance.

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McCoy is in phase three of the five phase recovery process players with concussion like symptoms undergo according to Rotoworld. It’s been two weeks since ‘Shady’ initially suffered his injury, and with the Eagles firmly out of contention there is no sense in rushing him back.

For those of you lucky enough to grab Bryce Brown when you did the good times will continue to role. However, Brown will take on the NFL’s best running defense when Eagles travel to Tampa Bay on Sunday. The Bucs are allowing a paltry 82.3 yards per game on the ground and have limited opposing running backs to just 3.4 yards per carry.

Update 3:22 PM: McCoy has returned, disregard prior hysteria.

It’s our thing to speculate so I’ll take a stab. This looked really bad.

McCoy left the game in the third quarter after being brought down in the backfield.


Bryce Brown is getting the carries in Philadelphia. The Eagles lead the Lions 10-6 and are driving.

We’ll provide updates McCoy’s condition when news breaks.