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This will never, ever be a realistic request, especially in mid-March during the NFL’s free agency money tossing season. But we should all try to hold back on our contract reactions — or at least our most venomous reactions — until details have trickled out. I’m beginning to turn a shade of blue while repeating this, but all that ever matters is the guaranteed portion of a contract.

That thinking applies for head coaches too. And it applies to Rex Ryan.

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Mike Zimmer does not seem like a pleasant man. He seems downright nasty, and he seems like the sort of guy who will find the exact thing that brings you to the proper level of rage, and use it effectively and repeatedly as a motivational tool. Sort of like this…

So he seems like exactly what the Minnesota Vikings need.

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harbaugh rivera2

Jim Harbaugh is a polarizing individual, and your stance on him usually rests on either extreme of the love/hate divide. I suppose that will happen when the head coach in question is flapping wildly all game while beating officials with his headset (mild exaggeration, though he’s not far away from that).

Me? I’m endlessly fascinated with him, because he is a man of unique yet still simple pleasures. He adores Judge Judy, he wears a marker around his neck that’s never actually used as a marker, and he doesn’t change his damn clothes.

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Just over a year ago, Ken Whisenhunt was discovering that as a head coach, football employment isn’t fair. Surely that was knowledge he already had, but to truly know that life hates you, sometimes you need to live through certain moments.

With his mighty fine Arizona Cardinals defense (one that improved even further this year without him following the addition of John Abraham), offensively all he needed was something above average. And to accomplish that, even a quarterback who was slightly below average would have been sufficient, as long as he could deliver deep balls to Larry Fitzgerald with some sort of consistency.

And Whisenhunt was coaxing that out of Kevin Kolb, the former offseason prize who was horrible enough to lose a training camp competition to John Skelton, only to be re-inserted when he went down in Week 1. Four straight wins to start the season, and all was glistening in the desert, especially when one of those came over the Patriots in Week 2, and that peachy optimism remained even after two losses. A 4-2 team with Kolb as its quarterback? Must have been some of that mystical head coach pixie dust.

Then Kolb’s rib injury happened. Then Skelton, Ryan Lindley, and Brian Hoyer happened, with two journeymen and a sixth-round rookie combining to start 10 games. Then losing happened, 10 times, and for Whisenhunt the most unfortunate and undeserved unemployment happened.

But then San Diego happened, and the Philip Rivers resurrection tour happened. And now for Whisenhunt, Tennessee has happened.

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hawks fans2

Seattle can be a loud place to play football. That is not surprising knowledge, and although it’s pretty damn cool, it’s also not exactly shocking stuff to see the camera shaking with the noise so deafening during a Seahawks home game. Hell, even the signs yell at you.

But the true measure of homefield advantage is when the local science community is so confident the noise generated will create seismic activity that two seismometers have been placed at Century Link Field.

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goodell2 again

Every year the NFL produces staggering television numbers, and every year when the ratings for Really Great Regular Season Game X are compared to, say, a World Series game or an NBA Finals game, the results produce some fine comedy.

Yet still, every year I continue to be feel that jaw-dropping sensation whenever the league releases its regular-season TV numbers, which happened yesterday.

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Last summer just prior to the start of college football, Johnny Manziel seemingly wanted to be anywhere in the traveled universe other than College Station. Yet he stayed and played, because if he ever wanted to get paid for the latter, he had to do the former. And now he can flee to get dat sweet NFL cash.

So the fact that there’s even the slightest bit of doubt coming from Camp Manziel (which is modestly better than Kamp Krusty) is odd. But we’ll find out what the hell he’s thinking later on today.

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