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It seems Jay Cutler’s new contract isn’t nearly the albatross it was made out to be by some right after word of his inking broke.

When Cutler signed what was officially a seven-year extension worth $126.7 million last Thursday, I begged you at the time to focus on one number and only one number: the guaranteed money, which is $54 million. That’s the only number that ever matters in any NFL contract, but even more so in these massive QB deals. The annual base salary still matters somewhat because it tells you just how front-end loaded the deal is, but the total length of the contract doesn’t matter at all even a little bit.

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rivers hands2

The NFL script writers are on fire. A week ago they gave us two play-in games, plus the madness at the bottom of the AFC that resulted in the Chargers even getting a chance to win an actual playoff game.

I’ve already salivated about the insanity we all witnessed (here, here, oh and here and here). But let’s bask in the glow of the weekend that was for just a little longer.

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A conversation I had in the office yesterday went something like this: “why the hell do the Packers have homefield advantage and they’re forcing San Francisco to play in arctic conditions when they had the lesser regular-season record?”

We all know the answer to that, of course, which isn’t really the point. Green Bay holds homefield advantage because they won their division, and now the Niners have to both travel a pretty vast distance and play in the frosty north even though their 12-4 record was far superior to the home team’s 8-7-1 finish.

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bill 0brien2

Nearly every year when the coaching carousel begins its ruthless spinning in early January, there’s at least one rockstar college mastermind being hotly pursued. Last year it was Chip Kelly, and few years back it was Jim Harbaugh, and this year it was Bill O’Brien.

And nearly every year when said coach inevitably departs for the NFL, those who covered him at his now former big time college outpost dig up quotes — and often relatively recent quotes — when he professed his love for the university, its players, the football program, and the god who watches over it all while saying this word repeatedly: commitment.

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Chris Johnson is still a funny guy

chris johnson2

I read a funny thing as I played a bit of catch up this morning following three days of egg nog consumption: Chris Johnson said that he’s still worthy of being paid like one of the league’s most efficient and consistent running backs.

He’s neither of those things, and he hasn’t been for quite some time.

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Steve Smith2

Today is matchup day around these parts, or at least that’s the ballin’ name I’m giving it. It’s almost the year 2014, and nowadays everything needs a name so that it jumps through your computer screen and punches you in the face.

A little later on I’ll be analyzing and scrutinizing the top three best and crappiest fantasy matchups heading into championship weekend, with the aim being to help with some of your sit-start decisions, and I’ll also be rolling out one last Friday Defensive Employment Office. At the very least, you’ll have someone to blame if those championship dreams are shattered.

To kick off the festivities, let’s take a quick look at a wide receiver who could make you throw things Sunday: Steve Smith.

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So it’s come to this. You’ve spent five months away from your family while communicating only through carrier pigeon, and for good luck you’ve consumed the same meal three times each day. Yeah, that’s a lot of Kraft Dinner.

But it’s all been worth it, because now here you are ready to battle for a fantasy championship, and earn some sweet cash to pay off various debts tied to the holidays, bookies, and other matters. Immediately after Week 15 you went through the usual Monday morning damage report, and identified any injury holes that may need to be plugged heading into the upcoming week. With the obvious exception of any hurt in the Monday nighter, we usually know about most of the major injuries by that morning.

This week, though, there’s been another horrible exception. Jordan Cameron.

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