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Marcus Thomas is pissed about this picture of Marcus Thomas.

NFL players are men trained to sustain the indignities of their existence. Like, say, being loudly chastised by a coach in practice, or worse, through the media. Or much worse, having a penis shaved in your head because you’re a rookie, and rookies need to be reminded of the locker room hierarchy through the use of male genitalia.

There’s also the more routine frailties of the football players’ existence for those in the lower tier, like knowing that on any given week your employment can be terminated because you missed a few assignments or a few field goals. Then when you’re signed by a new team, your family is uprooted, and the vagabond life continues.

There are no complaints regarding these hardships since they’re part of the package for a chance at gridiron glory. But there’s one sacred ground that can never be touched: the Madden profile. When you mess with a man’s profile in any game in the Madden series, you’ve commitment a heinous crime against his character.

Marcus Thomas would not stand for such an injustice, and last night he launched an online campaign against Mr. Madden.

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