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City Harvest 19th Annual An Evening Of Practical Magic, Honoring Marc MurphyMark Sanchez will have a couple more months to GQ it up at all the hottest night spots in New York.

The Jets are expected to retain Mark Sanchez into the preseason, and let him compete for a starting job according to the Newsday reporter Bob Glauber.

Sanchez started 15 games last season, throwing 13 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. The Jets went 6-9 in games he started. On Friday, New York drafted Quarterback Geno Smith with the seventh pick in the second round.

The lights flicker on and the film starts to roll. Tony Sparano sits down next to Mark Sanchez and handles the clicker as he watches the tape. He stops it, and starts to ask questions.

“Mark, what did you see here?” Sparano asks like a frustrated parent.

Sanchez confusingly replies, “What do you mean?”

Why didn’t you look off the safety?” Sparano rebuts.

“What safety?”

Coming out of the University of Southern California, Mark Sanchez had, I believe, 16 career starts at the college level. He deemed that enough to declare early, much to the chagrin of head coach Pete Carroll, but it wasn’t enough to start in the NFL. He benefited from a very talented USC team with an offensive scheme that suited both his talent and limitations. An abundance of short passes that are so often seen in West Coast Offenses was the norm for Sanchez, who also did a lot of boot action and rollouts in general. Simplified reads for a simple quarterback in a complex and dangerous game.

Four years after being selected fifth overall by the Jets, he’s struggling mightily. Most of the world saw it coming and one could say that the Jets did too. They lobbied hard to sign premium free agent Peyton Manning in the offseason and were turned down in favor of the Denver Broncos. Once Manning landed in Denver, the Jets did what they thought was the next best thing (besides trade for Tim Tebow). They gave Sanchez a confidence boost with a grand contract extension. Brian Billick once said “need is a terrible negotiator and an even worse evaluator.”

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There’s something so immensely sad about the Jets’ quarterback situation.

No, I’m not referring just to the fact that Greg McElroy — the same Greg McElroy who has attempted seven career passes, and was inactive for much of this season — will start at least one meaningful football game this year, and likely two. Of course, “meaningful” is used pretty liberally in that sentence, as the Jets’ remaining two games are only meaningful in the sense that they are indeed regular-season games.

No, I’m not referring just to the Mark Sanchez clustostraphe. It’s a mess that in truth started last spring when it was determined by general manager Mike Tannenbaum that handing a contract which includes $8.25 million in guaranteed money next year to a quarterback who has never completed 60 percent of his passes in a season was wise. The desire to keep Sanchez on board and to continue the salvage effort with a fifth overall pick was understandable, but the monetary value was not.

And no, I’m not referring just to the equally mind-numbing Tim Tebow acquisition. I’ve voiced and will continue to voice my anti-Tebow stance, and his many blind followers will scream their rebuttals. That’s a conversation for another time, but what’s not debatable is this: giving up two draft picks (including a fourth rounder) for a quarterback who’s then completely bypassed when it’s finally determined that your starter isn’t a starter at all is management dysfunction in its highest form.

Here’s the most troubling and telling fact, though. Late last night multiple reports indicated that the Jets will possibly look to part with Tebow and Sanchez, exploring trades involving both quarterbacks. Let this question linger for a second: who has more trade value? The answer is neither, as both have none. And that’s sad.

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Update (3:43 p.m. ET): It’s official, or at least it is according to Adam Schefter. Greg McElroy will be the Jets’ Week 16 starter, saving our world from red threat level Tim Tebow exposure. So to review: the Jets won’t even consider a two-game Tebow experiment, and Tebow — a former first-round pick — has been deemed a lesser quarterback than McElroy, who’s attempted only seven career passes. What say you now, insufferable Tebow apologists?

Oh and also, the circus tent will remain a chaotic place in New York throughout the offseason as the Jets figure out what to do with a failed quarterback who’s playing under a contract signed last spring that has $20.5 million in guaranteed money, and he’s due $8.25 million next year. Surely Skip Bayless has something to say about this.

Update (2:11 p.m. ET): There’s now a report that Rex Ryan is leaning towards starting McElroy. That makes sense since McElroy was impressive in his Week 13 relief appearance, completing five of his seven pass attempts while throwing the game-winning touchdown against the Cardinals. But such a move would also definitively prove three facts:

1. Tim Tebow isn’t an NFL quarterback.

2. The Jets hate Tebow passionately.

3. We can’t have nice (fantasy) things.

Finally, something that makes sense during the Jets’ Rex Ryan era.

I hesitate to even call what we watched last night football. Sure, I suppose it technically met the proper criteria for a game of organized football. There was indeed a football on the field, and there were 11 men to each side. Each team had offensive and defensive players, and they executed and defended both runs and passes.

But this is an accurate portrayal of what we all witnessed on a mid-December Monday night, minus the screams at an inhuman decibel level.

In fact, that was infinitely more entertaining.

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As we head into the fantasy post-season the players that have brought you within a couple wins of the championship are no longer secrets.

The guy that managed to pick up Adrian Peterson in the third round is laughing his way into the playoffs. Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers did what they were supposed to do. Owners who took chances on RG3 and Peyton Manning are sitting pretty. Bryce Brown and Golden Tate emerged from the depths of irrelevancy to destroy projected point totals in leagues from coast to coast.

In most cases, they were who we thought they were. And those you didn’t think about forced their way into our subconscious with huge performances.

At this point finding an extra edge this late in the game is going to be tough. The last bastion for the fantasy junkie who cannot stop tinkering with their lineup is the D/ST position. News out of New York this morning has made a previously unplayable unit one to seek out as week 14 approaches.

Via PFT:

The Jets have announced that Sanchez, who was benched on Sunday in favor of third-stringer Greg McElroy, will start on Sunday in Jacksonville. Jets coach Rex Ryan informed the team at a meeting this morning that Sanchez will remain the starter, and the team confirmed that Ryan will address the issue at a press conference today.

Let’s not get it twisted, the Jaguars defense has been thoroughly incompetent this season. Fantasy wise they’ve been buried at the bottom of the waiver wire, averaging a measly 1.4 points per week up to this point in the season. Only the Raiders have been worse.

Conversely, opposing defenses have been feasting on the rotting carcass that is the Sanchez led Jets offense.

Opponent  Pts Against Takeaways TD F.Pts
Patriots 26 2 1 13
Dolphins 9 2 1 20
Seahawks 7 3 0 15
Rams 27 0 0 7
Patriots 19 5 2 21
Cardinals 7 4 0 16

Once again the caveat here is that the Jaguars defense has been awful — their run D especially. However, no other position in fantasy football is as dependent on matchups as the Defensive/Special Teams category. If you’re feeling anxious about relying on the Jags at this crucial juncture in the season there are other options. The Bills D (owned in 27.3% of ESPN leagues) has been on the upswing in recent weeks, and welcome a Rams team that’s putting up only 17.5 points on the road. The Browns defense (owned in 16.5% of ESPN leagues) have performed much better against the run since their bye week and host a Chiefs team primed for a let down away from home.

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I’m really terrible at gambling. It’s probably a combination of not having any money and the fear of being beaten to death by angry bookies when they find out I don’t have any money. But I will never deny the power gambling has to make even the most mundane sporting event feel like the Super Bowl.

Would anyone actually care about a game between the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs if they didn’t have a sizeable chunk of change riding on Matt Cassel’s ability to be the most mediocre quarterback who ever lived?

With that in mind, here are this week’s prop bets. Feel free to send me all of your money. Just don’t expect me to honor any of your winning bets, because if you get burned by a scumbag (me), that’s your own fault.

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Earlier this week, a Las Vegas casino offered refunds to any gamblers who lost money during Monday night’s Seahawks/Packers fiasco (known in many circles as the “Monday night screw-job” and “Golden Gate”).

Unfortunately for you, here at 100 Yards and Running we aren’t giving out refunds. So if you don’t pay us the money you owe by Sunday, we’re going send some hired goons over to your house to break your legs.

Here are this week’s props, but please, make sure you don’t wager money you can’t afford to lose. I don’t want to be responsible for little Timmy not having his medicine money. And if you do lose, don’t try to skip town on us, we have an army of hired goons who are specially trained in the fine art of “swinging a heavy sack of doorknobs”.

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