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The New York Jets have transformed into one of sports media’s favorite punching bags, and after the Super Bowl success of their Gotham brethren, their mediocrity has been magnified.

They’re a team with seemingly no faith in their starting quarterback, and they have a back-up quarterback who’s more famous for his grilled cheese poses and shirtless jaunts in the rain, than for his ability to hit a receiver in the hands from more than 15 yards away (re: he can’t throw).

The Jets have become the laughingstock of New York, not because they’re the worst team in the NFL, but because they’re painfully average. In a world of 32 flavors, the Jets are vanilla. No, scratch that, the Jets are the cone, essentially empty on the inside.

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The preseason is usually the perfect time for an NFL team to become overconfident. It’s a time of year when players can make ridiculous guarantees, and most of us don’t hold their feet to the flames because we know it’s all just bullshit posturing.

Sometimes a player will, say, take out an entire ad in the newspaper promising Super Bowl glory, or declare his team to be a dynasty. Those players usually deserve our scorn, but for the most part, we just listen to the delusion, nod our heads, and smile. Let them have their dreams, since the grim reality of regular-season football is just around the corner.

In a world of blind optimism, it’s not often that a player admits in the preseason that maybe his team didn’t surround their quarterback with enough talent to be successful.

New York Jets cornerback Derrelle Revis isn’t blind.

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