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Last week, Matt Ryan was our polite bad ass, cursing and flailing while kindly directing you to get the hell out of his house, but please exit in an orderly fashion to your left. This week, Marques Colston is the silent, unsexy murderer of fantasy foes.

For whatever reason, there’s always been a lack of sex appeal around Colston. We mean that from a fantasy ownership perspective, of course, because Colston is a handsome man, although he has nothing on Christian Ponder (bro knuckle touches all around for keeping it real off the field, Christian). All Colston does is catch a lot of balls in an elite passing offense, but he does it quietly, without any salsa dancing or jet ski pushups. Ho hum.

This week, though, Colston will have all the sex appeal of Kate Refaeli. Dare to dream.

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If you own Marques Colston, you’ve been disappointed, the kind of disappointment which induces instant panic and fear. Loathing too. Lots of loathing.

But as a Colston owner who’s searching for answers while quickly feeling lost and cold, you want an explanation, dammit. Or an excuse will also suffice. By the standards of the average NFL receiver, Colston actually hasn’t been that awful. The problem, of course, is that Colston isn’t an average NFL receiver, and with an ADP that placed him near the end of the fourth round in most leagues, he wasn’t drafted like one either.

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