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When you can make Bengals fans fall in love with Mike Brown for the fist time, you’re doing something right. Even if they’re not using correct grammar. No, especially if they’re not using correct grammar.

Two years ago, the Bengals owner did something that would be considered an act of resounding stupidity for most owners, but it was just another typically foolish decision during his reign of madness. He allowed Marvin Lewis to not only enter his lame duck season without a contract extension, but to also finish that season without a contract and briefly enter coaching free agency. Brown did that despite his intention to retain Lewis, and then during contract talks it was determined that Lewis would come back, but he would only do it if he was given far greater control over the team’s personnel decisions.

That’s when the Bengals began to feature youth far more prominently, drafting Jermaine Gresham, Carlos Dunlap, Jordan Shipley, and most importantly, A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. Then they made the playoffs a year after winning only four games, and now there’s a positive vibe surrounding Cincy, making Lewis worthy of the two-year extension he received earlier this afternoon.

So in a way, Brown being the usual indecisive mess that he is actually helped the Bengals. Thanks?

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