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Tennessee Titans v Minnesota Vikings

With the Vikings’ acquisition of veteran quarterback Matt Cassel, some assumed it meant that Minnesota’s starting QB job was open for discussion.

Head coach Leslie Frazier is not one of those people.

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The above is my favorite gif of all time. Tamba Hali’s lack of dancing effort will live on for decades to come.

Matt Cassel –inserted back into the starter’s role due to Brady Quinn’s concussion– threw an interception to seal another loss for his band of sorry misfits on Monday night. On Tuesday, Quinn indicated he had been cleared to play against Cincinnati this Sunday. In a twist of fate he wasn’t cleared at all, at least according to Romeo Crennel.

The confusion defines Kansas City. A football team run into the ground by a Belichick disciple turned power mad insane person Scott Pioli and Crennel, the most absent-minded head coach in the NFL.

Mike Florio outlines the possible explanations for such idiocy:

There’s also a chance that Quinn is in the doghouse for:  (1) not telling the team he had suffered a concussion last month against the Raiders; and (2) telling reporters that he played with a concussion, which triggered more bad P.R. for the team that currently is arguing with the Jags over which one is the worst team in the league.

Neither Quinn or Cassel should see fantasy starting lineups for the rest of the season/forever. On the other hand, grab the Bengals D/ST while you still can. They’re in for a field day.

For the first time in ever a very long time, someone actually wanted Brady Quinn to play quarterback. Collectively, that someone was the Chiefs’ fan base, for they have become a singular, all-encompassing voice. Their wish was granted when Haloti Ngata and Pernell McPhee heard their cries.

Late in the fourth quarter of the Chiefs’ eventual 9-6 loss to Baltimore in a game that reminded us that there are rare times when licking a recently-used barbeque grill can be more exciting than football, Ngata and McPhee planted Cassel, giving him an apparent concussion. That happened after Cassel had thrown two interceptions, with the truly creative part of his game-blowing efforts being his goal-line fumble that likely took seven points off the board.

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