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You know about Darren McFadden, and by now you’ve dried those Danny Amendola tears. Now you want to know the rest of the story, and the remaining notable actives and inactives, and their fantasy impact.

Thankfully, I wrote some words about that.

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Often when we update a previous item with a development of some kind, we tack the urgent breaking news onto the bottom of the post in question while using giant, screaming letters that make said update look far more important than it really is. That’s one of the first tricks you would learn in blogger school if such a place existed.

This particular update is so vitally important to your life and sense of being that it deserves its own place to stand alone. Boldly alone.

This is where I add the disclaimer that nothing is officially official until tonight’s actives/inactives come out. But it’s sounding very much like Forte will be on the positive side of that list, and you can roll with him as you normally would.

At this point in the week, Matt Forte’s injury status doesn’t make your hair turn several shades of grey quite like it did a few days ago. You’ve already made your decision, and now nature must take its course.

The conservative among you dug into your depth and used an RB3 given the still lingering uncertainty around the Bears running back after his limited practice participation all week. Monday night games are still the worst, because even though you may feel confident in a key players’ health, a Monday game-time decision that doesn’t fall in your favor renders one of your roster spots useless.

The more frisky and risky Forte owners slotted him in, rolling their proverbial dice. But even those dangerous ledge walkers hopefully have Michael Bush as a handcuff, and can pull him off the bench if Forte is ruled out just hours before game time later tonight. Without that option, putting Forte in your lineup wasn’t advisable, as it could potentially be a very easy way to lose. There’s also the Cowboys’ run defense led by Sean Lee that’s a less than ideal landing spot for an RB who likes to cut and dance, and is recovering from an ankle injury.

Know this, though, Forte owner: you’ll definitely be waiting all day for an answer. So tell your boss about this pressing personal situation, and go home.

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Matt Forte was a limited participant in practice today, which means he’s about to become a full participant in your week of hurt. Deep, burning hurt.

Since at some point you were cursed by the universe and now your mere presence causes planes and ships to crash on remote islands, you’re now suffering from a far more haunting fate. The Monday night injury decision.

Forte’s bad ankle that definitely isn’t a high ankle sprain — and don’t ever say that it is or you’ll be deported — has healed much quicker than expected, so there’s now a chance he could only miss one game. He sat out Week 3, and in his absence Michael Bush was mediocre, rushing for 55 yards on 13 carries (3.1 yards per carry) and scoring a touchdown during Chicago’s easy 23-6 win over St. Louis. Forte practiced on a limited basis for the second straight day today, which is definitely encouraging, but yesterday Bears head coach Lovie Smith cautioned that he “still has a long way to go.”

Evidently he may have covered that long, winding journey in just 24 hours, because now after Forte practiced again today Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune told NFL Network that barring a setback, he’ll play Monday night against the Cowboys. That sounds both great and horrifying.

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Chicago Bears’ running back Matt Forte’s ankle injury continues to be an enigma that will confound fantasy football owners until the end of time. Well, maybe not until the end of time, but Mr. Forte’s wonky ankle will continue to be the subject of speculation until the team officially announces what exactly is wrong with it.

We only know that he doesn’t have a high ankle sprain, and that there’s no time table set for his return.

Oh yeah, we also know that he’s not going to play this week.

If you haven’t already hand-cuffed Michael Bush to Forte, you’re going to need a contingency plan, and since it’s Friday, the free agent pool has most likely been picked clean. Now before you decide to pay a visit to your local suicide booth, I’m going to offer you an alternative.

Might I suggest the Rams’ Daryl Richardson?

Richardson, who replaced Steven Jackson admirably last week (rushing for 84 yards), is only owned in 5.9 % of ESPN leagues and 21% of Yahoo leagues. Since Jackson is questionable again this week, (more on that below) Richardson may be your best bet if you’re desperate for a running back.

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I enjoy guessing games, but only the type in which I have to guess which hat is hiding an object. Or, better yet, Guess Who is great family fun. It’s the board game for everyone which doesn’t at all encourage stereotyping.

However, I don’t enjoy guessing games with football injuries, especially if they involve running backs. Teams should be far more considerate of our fantasy needs while disclosing information, and immediately provide us with the most accurate timetable for a players’ absence.

Right now, the Bears and head coach Lovie Smith are jerking us around regarding Matt Forte’s injury, and the karma from their actions will come back with the vengeance of a scorned woman whose cheating husband needed to change a lot of light bulbs.

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Every year it seems that running backs enjoy taunting us, and killing our hopes and dreams. At least they get it out of the way early. So yeah, thanks for that, Jamaal Charles of 2011, and now Matt Forte of 2012.

Each August it’s impossible to read any fantasy draft analysis or preview column without being told that running backs are the scariest dudes in the entire fantasy kingdom. They can be your savior, accumulating both rushing and receiving yards while helping you skip along merrily to a championship. But more than any other position there’s a dice roll that accompanies every RB selection.

Week 1 brought us the Fred Jackson injury and three week absence. And now I give you Forte, who left last night’s game that ended in a Bears loss to the Packers with an ankle injury that’s now been given one of the most dreaded injury labels this side of an ACL tear. He reportedly has a high ankle sprain, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

You handcuffed Michael Bush to him, right? RIGHT?

While further, more detailed information should follow since the exact severity of Forte’s injury is uncertain, generally high ankle sprains can keep a running back out for anywhere between three to five weeks. Since we’re now through two weeks of the Bears’ schedule, if the worst case scenario of that timeline becomes reality Forte may not play another game until the halfway point of the season in Week 8. And that’s only the halfway point of the season in reality, which we care very little about.

Most fantasy leagues start the playoffs in Week 14, and if you’re without a running back whom you spent a second-round pick on for an extended period and he’s only available to you for six games prior to the playoffs, that’s potentially crushing. So again, hopefully you were able to handcuff Bush, who started nine games while filling in for the injured Darren McFadden in Oakland last year, and he had seven touchdowns and 818 rushing yards over that stretch for an average of 90.9 yards per game.

In fact, the situation that McFadden owners who handcuffed Bush last year faced is similar to the pain Forte owners may be about to endure. Bush can pound it in short yardage situations and accumulate touchdowns, but he doesn’t have nearly the same breakaway speed as McFadden or Forte. He had good but not spectacular yardage totals last year, with his first three starts in McFadden’s absence (120.7 yards per game) a high peak next to the very average outputs of the next six games by comparison (63 yards per game).

Bush will be good, and he may even flirt with great briefly. But the reason he has never been a full-time, featured back is the same season why he likely won’t have a sustained run of elite fantasy performances. The power is there in abundance in his legs, but speed isn’t.

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