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Matt Ryan is the kindest angry man in the history of the anger emotion. Even when he wants us to believe that he’s all rah-rahed up, you still feel as though he’ll gladly run to hold doors open for you and wish your mother happy birthday three months in advance.

Exhibit A: his celebration seconds after the Falcons’ dramatic comeback win last week over the Redskins.

The red-faced mad man moment is followed by a polite, peaceful look that washes over Ryan’s face immediately, as if internally he’s saying “GET THE FUCK OFF MY FIELD!…but please exit in an orderly fashion to your left.”

Just be you, Matt, always be you. And by that I mean please torch the Raiders this week, and be the stud we need, and the stud we deserve.

Week 6 run down? Week 6 run down. Let’s do this.

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Today’s rankings are a bit of a mess. Bye week madness combined with murky injury situations have the experts all over the place. This week we compiled the thoughts of Michael Fabiano, Adam Rank and Dave Dameshek of along with Jamey Eisenberg and Nathan Zergura of CBS Sports.

On to the rankings.

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We may have met an old acquaintance during the early games, and we discovered a new, really cool friend too. If you make a waiver claim on him this week, Brandon Bolden could be like the kid on the block who was the first to get a Nintendo complete with Duck Hunt.

Before we get to Bolden, let’s explore the revival of an old friendship. We used to laugh and break bread with Chris Johnson, but prior to today he mostly just made us want to break stuff that definitely isn’t edible.

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It’s a quarterback driven league, and three of the top signal-callers lead our late game first-half stars:

1. Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) – 22-31, 207 yds, 2 TD

Without their top running back in the fold, Pittsburgh continues to operate as a pass-first offence. Armed with a partially torn rotator cuff, Roethlisberger is somehow off to one of the best starts of his career. He had 520 yards to go with 4 TD’s and 1 INT through the first two games of the season and he’s looked great thus far against Oakland. The Steelers sport one of the best receiving corps in the league which ensures Roth will have plenty of options throughout the season. He’s also renewed his relationship with tight end Heath Miller, who caught both first half touchdowns. Miller now has 4 touchdowns in 2.5 games. Roth appears to be a lock to finish in the top-10 quarterbacks fantasy-wise this season, meaning if you don’t already own one of the elite QB’s you should target Big Ben.

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1. Robert Griffin III

Like Michael Vick before him, RG III has become must watch television on Sunday’s – and we’re just one game in. How about these numbers through two quarters of play: 11/13, 181 yards, 2 TD’s and a 153.8 QB rating. Not too bad at all.

The ability to extend plays with Olympic sprinter speed was something we were told to expect – so far so good – but it’s been Griffin’s poise in the pocket that’s been most impressive thus far. The release is quick, the reads are fast and Griffin has found immediate chemistry with number one wide out Pierre Garcon, though the former Colt left the game with a foot injury in the second quarter.

2. Matt Ryan

The absence of Brandon Flowers has been glaring in a wide open game at Arrowhead. Julio Jones, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez are having a field day in the Chiefs secondary with Matt Ryan providing the service. 17/21, 203 yards and a 138.7 QB rating.

3. Patriots Offense

Tom Brady’s motley crew of hulking tight end’s have started where they left off last season. Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski had touchdown receptions along with a Dont’a Hightower fumble return for a touchdown has given the Patriots a 21-3 lead at halftime. Brandon Lloyd has fit right in, displaying his set of amazing mitts early. It also looks New England has a keeper in Steven Ridley. The rich get richer.

Dishonorable mentions

  • Ryan Tannehill and Matt Stafford have thrown three interceptions each.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick continues to lock on to targets and deliver weak balls. He’s thrown two picks in the first half as the Bills are getting pumped by the Jets in New York.
  • 36.1. Andrew Luck’s QB rating through one half in the NFL. Is Jim Irsay regretting his decision to take Luck over Griffin? Of course not. It’s one game, but you know the two will be compared for the rest of their careers. So far, Griffin is in the lead – obligatory small sample size.

Over three preseason games Julio Jones had 13 catches for 240 yards.

Arrowhead is going to be full of screaming Chiefs fans on Sunday afternoon, and the Chiefs defensive backs are going to have their hands full when Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons passing attack take the field. Ryan is more dangerous than ever under the guidance of new offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, who has a fascination with throwing the deep ball, while the Chiefs break in a new player and return a starter to create what promises to be a very interesting matchup in week 1.

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So has everyone settled in yet? I promise, we’ll get furniture in our new digs soon enough, and eventually we may even cook a whole meal instead of doing what I do nearly every day: surviving on a diet of Stouffer’s meatloaf. For now, keep chillin’ on the floor, and between breaks in discussion feel free to watch re-runs of Inspector Gadget while eating Jiffy Pop, which is my nightly bed time routine.

Anywho, it seems there’s been some sort of alignment of the heavenly bodies as we unveil this new little corner of the Internet today. Between Jake Locker being told that he can do something meaningful in Tennessee and Tamba Hali getting suspended for the Chiefs’ season-opener against Atlanta, there’s been plenty of news with a fantasy impact.

And no, that’s not a reach, because with fantasy regular seasons typically lasting for only 13 or 14 games, the absence of one key defender in just one of those contests is huge if you own any of the primary Falcons offensive players Hali would have been tackling.

Yep, one man’s loss is another man’s really good fantasy week, as the ol’ saying goes. And if you own or are about to own Matt Ryan, be very thankful that Hali abused some substances.

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