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To win your fantasy league, you’re going to have to make some aggressive decisions. One or two points could be the difference between a first-place cash prize and a money-back second place finish. If you honestly believe Brandon Weeden will put up more points than Peyton Manning, you should absolutely start Weeden. You should also quit fantasy forever.

This week, I’m giving one first overall draft pick the red light to stay on your bench, while another first overall pick gets the green light to be started in all formats. We also examine the “problem” facing Marshawn Lynch this Sunday – otherwise known as the 49ers. Read the rest of this entry »

I sense a disturbance in the fantasy force this week. You’re worried about injuries (yes, Bryce Brown will start), and you have quarterback quandaries involving quarterbacks who are nearly identical in production and value.

So you had lots of questions, which led to some interesting explorations of scenarios and issues, and I may have even supplied a few answers. You can be the judge of that. But read on, and we can be enlightened, confused, and afraid together.

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From a physical standpoint, Matthew Stafford is one of the league’s most talented quarterbacks, if not the most talented. He’s a gifted passer, possessing the arm strength to make every throw from any platform into any window, the accuracy to hit his intended target in between the digits in their chest, and a moving pocket presence and the mobility to evade pass rushers. But the same can’t be said about Stafford mentally.

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There’s been awful footwork, the inability to improvise, and inaccuracy. And it’s all come from a quarterback who a year ago at this time had thrown 16 touchdowns on his way to 41. Now he’s stuck at five.

It’s coming from a quarterback who averaged 7.6 yards per pass attempt last year, a number that’s since dropped by a full yard. It’s coming from a quarterback who had a passer rating of 97.2 a year ago, a number that’s since dropped to 78.4, and he’s only been above 80.0 in a game once.

Thy name is Matthew Stafford, and you know it well.

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Monday is always the day around the NFL when death either knocks or decides that you may be spared, but today’s action on the injury front feels like it’s been far more frenzied than the average Monday. That’s probably because the Sunday we just completed was far more black and blue than the average Sunday, with two running backs and major point producers going down with thankfully minor injuries, but missed time will still be required.

That means Reggie Bush and C.J. Spiller owners will be scrambling to the waiver wire to check the availability of their backups (Tashard Choice has never felt so loved). Meanwhile, Austin Collie continues to have all of the bad luck and will miss the remainder of the season with a torn patella tendon, while Julio Jones and his owners dodged a bullet, but Darrelle Revis was struck by that same projectile, and it ripped apart his ACL. Those who employ Tom Brady on their fake teams still haven’t stopped chugging chocolate syrup.

So let’s get our next contestant down here to spin the Monday wheel of death. Where you at, Matthew Stafford?

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There are far too many hard nips in this photo (quite frankly, any amount is too many).

By now we’re all getting into the monotonous habit of constantly checking our fantasy football rosters, as if by some miracle, they’ve changed drastically since the last time we checked them (which was exactly three minutes and six seconds ago). A small part of us believes that if we pray hard enough, Arian Foster will just magically appear in our line-up. Or that Leroy from accounts receivable has decided to blow up his team (wife won’t let him play), and Aaron Rodgers just miraculously hit the waiver wire.

I’m here to distract you from such venomous thoughts with everyone’s favorite weekly post: somewhat hilarious NFL captions.

This week we’ll see: unfortunately hard nipples, Dikembe Mutombo’s latest foray into the world of sports, Mike Tomlin causing a replacement ref to evacuate his bowels, and a pair of Lions fans wearing horrifically air-brushed t-shirts.

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This man isn't a running back.

I get the temptation. Really, I do, and taking Aaron Rodgers with your top three pick isn’t necessarily a bad strategy. It’s one being used widely enough since Rodgers’ ADP does indeed slot him into that lofty draft real estate. There’s just a better strategy.

Stay old school, and believe in the power of the bell cow RB.

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