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I have many fears, namely spiders, and shrimp (May long weekend, 2004…never forget). But lately, I’ve also grown to be so very afraid of Maurice Jones-Drew.

Not just because I fear diminutive men who could crush me. No, mostly because when the time comes to go about the business of selecting fantasy running backs who could make me money, Jones-Drew may be carrying a lingering injury. Thankfully, such fears are generally irrational in late March, and people in the know have arrived to talk anyone who’s worried about the mightiest mouse off of their ledge.

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Maurice Jones-Drew is about to be everything you’ve always feared. He is your clown nightmare, and your ant phobia (seriously, that’s a thing).

You were already prepared to pelt him with stones next August during your fantasy draft, for he is the anti-Christ who’s equal parts temptation and disappointment. Now, he could be the new Darren McFadden.

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Before we get around to assessing the Benny Hill show that we saw last night and the ensuing hilarity, let’s begin today the same way we began yesterday. The name will change, but the question, situation, and the fantasy implications remain the same.

Football players like to play football. That’s the most absurdly simple statement I’ll write today, but it’s an important one to remember. Even though you love your job, your passion for what you do often doesn’t equal that of the gridiron fire-breathing man-beasts. Between the beginning of September and the end of December at the very earliest, they’re programmed to play, and to do it through the routine of playing in games, and then practicing, and then playing and practicing again.

Remember this as you deal with the very strong possibility that LeSean McCoy could come back this week after getting clearance from an independent neurologist yesterday, thereby igniting confusion in your backfield and torpedoing both his fantasy value, and that of Bryce Brown. While that remains unpredictable and it may begin to suck soon, the situation in Jacksonville is much different.

It’s still a slim chance right now, but there’s a chance Maurice Jones-Drew could play this week. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but this week is championship week.

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It’s a damn shame too, because Lisfranc injuries are all rage around the NFL. But eventually like every other trend it’ll get killed and crushed deep into the ground, just like Gangnam Style. Nice things cannot be yours.

After we were all prompted to defecate in our pants yesterday with the possibility that Maurice Jones-Drew could be out for the season due to a Lisfranc injury, that bullet has reportedly been dodged Matrix stylez. Deliver us your sweet gospel words, Adam Schefter:

Maurice Jones-Drew has a sprained foot the team believes will sideline him multiple games. He does not need foot surgery, which means he does not have Lisfranc, per team source.

That multiple-game absence still means Jones-Drew owners need to claim Rashad Jennings prior to early-morning waiver deadlines tomorrow. But hey, your top running back who’s averaging nearly five yards per carry despite having Blaine Gabbert as his quarterback isn’t done for the year. So smile, dance, and be joyous.

UPDATE: Actually, maybe hold off on that dancing and gyrating. Whereas Schefter used a soft word to describe Jones-Drew’s likely absence (“multiple,” meaning at least two), NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport chose a much stronger adjective after speaking to his sources. Rapoport says that while MJD won’t need surgery and therefore he won’t be out for the season, he’s still expected to miss “significant” time.

Vague, scary words are still the best.

When something either awesome or terrible happens throughout the fantasy season, almost immediately I mentally reflect back to August, when hope floated softly in the warm late-summer air, and failure’s bitter death grasp hadn’t yet sunk its nails deep into our skin.

Oh yes, cheerful times indeed. I didn’t do this earlier today when Maurice Jones-Drew was ruled out for Week 8 against the Packers after suffering a foot injury yesterday, because while that thoroughly sucks, it wasn’t exactly surprising, and a one-game absence alone isn’t a blow to MJD’s season. Miss a game, rest a little, and come back stronger. That would be so very Utopian of Jones-Drew.

But there’s more, because there’s always more, and it could get a lot worse fast.

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The three of you watching the Raiders and Jags right now already know this, but I’m assuming most people are tuned into the hype fest that is New England and New York – insufferable the lot of them.

Jones-Drew injured his ankle on only his second carry of the game. At first glance it was thought MJD was getting it taped but the Jags training staff was keeping his leg elevated.

Rashad Jennings – who already has a touchdown in this game – will get the bulk of the workload today. Hopefully MJD’s injury isn’t serious.

UPDATE: After the game, head coach Mike Mularkey said the boot worn by Jones-Drew was only precautionary, but he wasn’t able to offer a timetable for his starting running back’s likely absence. MJD owners should put their waiver claim in on Jennings now after removing their collective heads from the freezer. He’s currently available in 80 percent of Yahoo leagues, and 86 percent of ESPN leagues.

You’re aware by now that Maurice Jones-Drew finally ended his holdout Sunday morning after coming to the realization that he had no leverage whatsoever. The fact that it took him 38 days to reach that euphoric moment could be very, very bad for you.

Or it could mean nothing at all.

There’s no definitive, statistical way to answer or quantify the question posed by our friendly headline, because each body and mind will react differently to a lengthy absence. Any responsible athlete will maintain his conditioning regardless of his personal circumstances, and Jones-Drew has undoubtedly done that, along with every other player who’s held out before him.

The concern lies in the missed playbook absorbing time during training camp practices, if that’s applicable. It was last year with Chris Johnson, and it is again this year with MJD.

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