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There are as many words as positions he can play to describe the exceptional talent of San Diego Chargers outside linebacker Melvin Ingram. Explosive, dynamic, versatile, and instinctive are just a few of them, but they were all a part of the blurry background image that was focused on one weakness in the process leading up to April’s NFL Draft: short arms.

Short arms by NFL standards that is, which means that he’s human and has normal arms to us normal people. However, this knocked him down during the draft because he was no Jason Pierre-Paul. JPP’s 81″ arms are otherworldly, and interestingly enough he was selected only two picks earlier, but Ingram could eventually have a similar impact if he develops as expected. Judging by his first two preseason games, it appears that Ingram has quickly gotten off on the right foot by invading offensive backfields and harassing quarterbacks of all kind.

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