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Don’t look now, but the Miami Dolphins are 3-0. It’s one of the NFL’s “feel-good” stories of the young season. A promising team in South Beach, the Dolphins are led by a young quarterback named Ryan Tannehill who many believe to be the face of the future, a defense that’s dominant like it was last decade and — get this — good coaching.

Good coaching will be key tonight when the team takes on the undefeated New Orleans Saints. Both teams are rejuvenated and will be playing for the top of their divisions. On the Dolphins’ end, they’ll need a strong defensive performance to keep up with New England Patriots atop the AFC East, and there’s a good chance they get one.

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Five years ago, the Miami Dolphins passed on Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan to select Michigan left tackle Jake Long with their first overall pick. They were scolded by the media, and admonished by the fans. Afterward, both fans and media yelled, “how could you pass on a franchise quarterback?”

Now they have a franchise quarterback in Ryan Tannehill, but no left tackle. Long is gone to St. Louis, and the new left tackle is second-year man Jonathan Martin, a soft and sloppy Stanford educated athlete.

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Lamar Miller’s sleeper darling status may have worn off back in, oh, April, but a featured (or nearly featured) back can still be yours for a dollar store price in some drafts. Meanwhile, Mike Wallace is really good at catching deep balls, and Ryan Tannehill is good at throwing them.

Miami: it’s not your older brother’s fantasy football place of broken dreams anymore.

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Speed is overpaid. Personnel men deem it hard to find, so they spend lavishly when they have the chance to acquire it. That’s what the Miami Dolphins did this offseason when they signed Mike Wallace from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The 26-year-old receiver, who has speed to burn like middle easterners with oil, will be paid $60 million over the course of five years, provided he plays through the length of his new deal.

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Uniform madness, guys.

Earlier this afternoon we learned that the Jaguars have been in the design room much more than their war room. Their new uniforms were unveiled in a grand ceremony, and they’re not a puke-ish teal color. Therefore, they’re all kinds of awesome after clearing the lowest bar imaginable.

Now since secrets are obsolete here on planet Earth in the year 2013, Paul Lukas of UniWatch fame shared the new Dolphins and Vikings uniforms with the Twitters shortly before they too were officially unveiled.

So let’s start with the Dolphins then, because their uniforms are drawing from a rich history of being exactly the same for a really long time.

dolphins uni

Simple, yet effective. The lettering and trim looks much more, well, not 1991, and the ugly collar is gone. If you’re the before/after type, here’s the now dead Dolphins uni…


As for the Vikings, they made the right tweaks too. Their new home look is now a more bold purple, from head to toe. That includes the helmet, which is a darker shade, and the purple is further emphasized by the absence of the white patch underneath the armpit, and the gold collar.

vikes uni

Again, for those who need to visualize the transformation…


Annnd here’s the three new unis, in all their glory and new-ness.

new unis


Your answer at first is, well, of course he is. With Dee Milliner seemingly assured of being a top ten pick, and he may even come off the board in the top five, at No. 12 the Dolphins will have a chance to address a key need following the departure of Sean Smith by selecting Xavier Rhodes.

He’s widely viewed as the second-best cornerback in the draft, and he’s the trendiest mock pick to the Dolphins. Now that we’re inside of two weeks in the slow, slogging march to April 25, consensus picks have very much emerged, which makes mocking the draft easy. We hear a certain player associated with a certain team so often that any other pick would be jarring.

Rhodes has either reached that point with the Dolphins, or he’s damn close. But while he’s talented, what if his talent doesn’t fit the scheme Miami would be jamming him into? Square peg, round hole, something something.

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Draft Preview: 12. Miami Dolphins


When a large man leaves, a large hole is created.

So far this offseason, the Dolphins have purchased pretty much every available player. That may or may not be a drastic exaggeration, yet it seems so true. Hey, $45 million (the approximate cap space the Dolphins started free agency with) is a whole lot of green.

The primary focus early was finding a remedy for Ryan Tannehill’s lack of reliable targets, a problem which threatened to slow his development. In the opening hours of free agency Mike Wallace was showered in sweet, sweet bills, and then Brandon Gibson and Dustin Keller followed. That all came after Brian Hartline was retained. Problem = solved.

There was also the matter of upgrading the linebacker corps. Enter Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler. Done and done.

Oh, you’re leaving, Sean Smith? No worries. Here’s your money, Brent Grimes.

Yep, making it rain has been the theme of the Dolphins’ offseason. But they failed to retain a key asset in one area, and as I discussed with Kevin Nogle from The Phinsider, addressing that miss will likely be Miami’s early draft focus.

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