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In what’s now becoming the offseason for an increasing number of teams, we’re definitely not above connecting dots that have no business being connected for the purpose of discussing reaching rumors. So in that vein, let’s address this little diddy…

See, nothing there really, right? But it’s still an interesting question to ponder. There’s a relationship of some kind between Michael Vick and Andy Reid, although surely a somewhat soured one after Nick Foles remained the starter in Philadelphia even when Vick had recovered from his concussion. That link is still there, though, and with the Chiefs set to make a change at quarterback since Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn have continued to be only a little bit better than Joe Webb, Vick may sadly be one of the best options available this offseason who isn’t named Alex Smith. That’s of course assuming both of those names are jettisoned by their respective teams, which seems quite likely.

Yes, the Chiefs hold the first overall pick, but that could mean little with a poor draft class at the position. A likely scenario is that Kansas City waits on a quarterback who can be groomed and developed, which then makes Vick a little more appealing as a veteran bridge. But please, don’t let this happen, fantasy overlords.

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Let’s begin by confessing that at this point although the rumors are growing and they’ll quickly reach a nauseating level Monday once Andy Reid is officially canned, the Chip Kelly to Philly talk is little more than, well, talk. Hearsay and speculation. We are the guys at the bar yelling things about a local sports team.

And while we’re having confession/truth telling time, let’s throw out another one: regardless of who’s hired to be the Eagles’ next head coach, the odds of Vick sticking around in any meaningful capacity still seem exceedingly slim. The most telling sign of his impending departure came last week when Vick was inactive, and he wasn’t even Nick Foles’ backup (Trent Edwards is alive?). Vick will start Sunday due to Foles’ hand injury, but his exit will likely still come because of his age (he’ll turn 33 this offseason), his infamous brittleness (he’s played only one full season in his 10-year career), and his salary (he’s due $15.5 million next year).

But if there’s even a reaching, clawing, dreaming long shot of Vick staying in Philadelphia and regaining fantasy relevance there, it’s tied to one man.


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We need you, Michael Vick. We’ll deny it, and we’ll say awful things about you, and call your mother bad names and such. But we need you. Fantasy football needs you. I need you.

You’ve often besmirched the name of one Michael Vick, as have I. This is a natural reaction when your quarterback — fantasy, reality, or otherwise (there’s an otherwise?) — is giving the opposition the ball so often. Vick’s mistakes this season prior to his injury and eventual benching in favor of Nick Foles are well documented, as he committed 14 turnovers through just nine starts, and nine of them came through interceptions.

Now Vick is surely aware that he’s most likely spending his final weeks as a Philadelphia Eagle. He’s a 10-year veteran, and he’s been running the practice squad. His conduct has stayed professional as he’s faded into the scenery while allowing Foles to have his time, and for Eagles management to tinker with the Foles experiment to see if the rookie is indeed the franchise’s future quarterback. By extension that means Vick isn’t the Eagles’ future starting quarterback, and it seems inevitable that he’ll be jettisoned before $3 million of his $15.5 million salary for 2013 becomes guaranteed on Feb. 6.

In an interview with Tim McManus of, Vick said that he still sees himself as a starter. And starting quarterbacks want to, well, start.

From McManus:

“I’m not a backup. Just being honest, just being candid. I’m a full-fledged starter. That’s what I’ve got in me,  that’s what I provide, that’s what I offer. Whatever happens, wherever I end up, they’re going to get 110 percent. You’re going to get the same thing out of me that you got the last two, three years and that’s 110 percent effort and a guy that’s confident in his abilities to play and win.

“I want to start. Yeah, I’m a starter. I’ll feel that way until I start to feel like I’m becoming a problem on the team.”

Alright, Mike, that’s good. Football players should want to play football. The next thing we need as we begin the post-mortem on the 2012 fantasy season in the coming weeks is some hold on a destination for the surely soon-to-be discarded Eagles. Because as much as you love to hate him and often hate to own him, Vick’s tumble could quite easily provide great late-round value.

Say, I hear the Jets are about to have a vacancy at the quarterback position, and there’s some mutual interest? Problem = solved.

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Far too often, reality hinders fantasy, a statement which can easily be applied generically to far too many situations. Example: even if she was available, you’re not about to land, say, Miranda Kerr. Not because you’re not charming or good looking or witty. No, there’s a more pragmatic and even mathematical approach here: simple supply/demand theory. The universe only has a select few elite supermodels to hand out, and the randomness of it all leads to a low ranking for you and I, the everyman.

See, all that’s holding us back is the numbers game. That’s it.

As far as football is concerned, every week we’re reminded of ways that reality football limits success in fantasy football. Right now, the most prominent example lies in Philadelphia, where there’s an increasingly strong possibility that even once/if Michael Vick is healthy, willing, and able, as the losses mount it wouldn’t exactly be shocking to see Andy Reid keep his regular starter benched while he continues to roll with the Nick Foles experiment, and give the rookie experience.

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So yeah, you can go ahead and make that Nick Foles waiver claim now, Michael Vick owners in deep leagues.

At his Monday morning press conference Eagles head coach Andy Reid addressed his starting quarterback’s head injury. He peered through the cobwebs, and what he saw was frightening.

From Tim McManus:

Andy Reid on Monday said that Michael Vick has a “pretty significant concussion.”

While the head coach was not ready to rule Vick out, it sounds unlikely that he would be ready to play Sunday in Washington.

“He was a little foggy last night after the incident. Today, he’s resting. Right now, this period it’s very important that he get some rest,” said Reid. “He has a headache, a pretty good one. He’s tired.”

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UPDATE: Vick is being treated for a concussion and will not return to the game.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has been taken to the locker room after going down awkwardly on a third down play. Vick looked to hit the ground hard after a hit from Cowboys linebacker Ernie Sims.

Vick has started in all nine games for the Eagles this year, but has only played in all 16 regular season games one time in his career.

Rookie Nick Foles will enter the game for the 3-5 Eagles.

The Eagles have given up 27 sacks (fourth worst) and 71 quarterback hits (league high), all which feel like they came in their Monday Night loss to the New Orleans Saints. The Saints pummeled quarterback Michael Vick endlessly, sacking him eight times and pressuring him many others. Most of the sacks came with overload pressures or the illusion of them, toying with the offensive line’s assignments as the Saints defenders feasted on their prey. This could be problematic moving forward, especially this weekend when they face the Dallas Cowboys and Rob Ryan’s own overload packages.

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