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After missing practice Wednesday, many owners feared Mikel Leshoure did indeed suffer a leg injury last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Thankfully, we found out he missed practice for personal reasons, and Leshoure started today against Jacksonville.

Those who started him have been rewarded nicely after the second-year back recorded 52 yards on 13 carries with three touchdowns. The math on that leads to 23 fantasy points in just one half.

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Mikel Leshoure returned to practice today, just when you thought Joique Bell could be the waiver wire steal of the week.

Leshoure was seen having his leg checked out by trainers in the final minutes of this past Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, making Bell an instant wire addition for many owners in need of running back depth. Leshoure was a no-go at practice Wednesday, and fantasy owners of the second-year back wondered if he did indeed a suffer a leg injury. Head coach Jim Schwartz updated the situation after yesterday’s practice, stating that there was no injury, and Leshoure was absent from practice due to personal reasons.

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News of the day comes from Detroit where Mikel Leshoure was announced as the starting running back in place of Kevin Smith. Leshoure has yet to play a snap of professional football, as he tore his Achilles tendon last season before playing a game. The Illinois product is a power running back at 230 lbs and given the success of Kevin Smith, who was working as a personal trainer just over a year ago, Leshoure should be able to produce solid numbers as the new feature back against a Titans run defense that’s given up 310 yards over the first two weeks.

Run, don’t walk to see if Leshoure is available.

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As we recover from the standard Monday morning hangover after consuming 14 hours of football yesterday and prepare for what should be a highly entertaining MNF game tonight, there’s a typical early-season occurrence that’s taking place throughout the land of fantasy, although this year it seems to be creeping up on us a little earlier.

Remember those running backs that we drafted so highly a month ago? They’re dying. Figuratively, of course, although I suppose it’s true that every day and every hour we’re all dying and decaying a little bit.

Consider for a moment the rubble that’s accumulated so far. Fred Jackson and Matt Forte suffered the first major injuries at the position, and will be out for likely a month apiece. It would be easy for me to write glowingly about the beast otherwise known as C.J. Spiller and his 10 yards per carry over his first two games, and the need to slide him in for Jackson owners, or likewise with Michael Bush for Forte owners. But handcuffing isn’t always automatic, because the world isn’t always fair. Other owners see who you have, and snap up those backups and time sharers in the later rounds.

Of course there’s also Ryan Mathews, who was still drafted early even though we knew he’d miss the first two games. And, well, he’s missed the first two games. Then there’s the guys who are healthy but may as well have been stricken by a leg debilitating plague due to their inconsistencies or just their generally high level of suck. Chris Johnson with his 21 rushing yards through two games is the union leader of the latter category, while the likes of Jamaal Charles and Darren McFadden are also high-ranking committee members.

All of this serves as a reminder to grab as many RB lottery tickets as possible. Today, that ticket’s name is Mikel Leshoure.

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