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In yesterday’s article I offered up some prop bets for the big game this weekend, but now it’s time to get down to business. Super Bowl XLVII pits the Harbaugh brothers against each other. A win for the 49ers would give them six Lombardi Trophies, equaling the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most all-time, while the Ravens will look to send Ray Lewis off into the sunset as a champion.

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Super Bowl week is upon us. No other week has the ability to lure a savvy bettor into making some truly dumb plays the way this one can. You’ll be able to bet on just about everything that happens this weekend, but the important thing to remember is that prop bets come at a significant cost with inflated juice, and they’re usually pretty damn sharp.

Prop bets can be fun, but you don’t want to be the guy at your Super Bowl party holding a stop watch while the national anthem is being sung (Ed note: I’ll gladly hold that stop watch, and a little later on this afternoon we’ll have a post analyzing some, um, less conventional props…yes, analyzing). With that being said, I’ll offer up my top prop bets for Super Bowl Sunday, but first, let’s talk a little about the strategies you’ll want to employ when making prop bets of your own.

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Next week when we officially enter the calamity that is Super Bowl week with its zip lines, marriage proposals, and eventually a football game, we’ll be rolling out all kinds of wicked fun. Mostly because we enjoy fun, and you should too.

Sure, we’ll continue analyzing the game as we have been throughout this week, writing intelligent things about stuff. We like stuff too. But we also recognize that the Super Bowl is much larger than a football game, which is why a handful of posts will be dedicated to prop bets, and the limitless and glorious absurdity they provide. In advance of that, let’s talk about the coin toss. No, really.

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And thus the curse has sort of been placed with the mighty hand of Vegas wielding its sorcery, if you believe in such things.

As is the case every year, the betting public needs to recoup its losses quickly, which is why it usually takes maybe an hour for the Super Bowl odds to come out after the two competing teams are known, and Championship Weekend has concluded. That happens even though at that point there’s still 13 days for injuries to emerge, and for offensive linemen to get lost somewhere the night before the biggest game of their lives.

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49ers @ Falcons

As soon as Matt Bryant’s second attempt at a game-winning field goal split the uprights last week, I got right on my computer and backed the 49ers this week. I called Atlanta a bunch of chokers last week, and they did all they could to piss that game away. Unfortunately for those of you that didn’t get behind the 49ers early, you’re likely going to be forced to give away an extra point or two this weekend if you want to ride with San Francisco as well.

San Francisco’s dismantling of Green Bay was masked slightly by an early pick-six and a garbage time touchdown that boosted Green Bay’s final score. Outside of that, the 49ers did exactly what they set out to do, and that was keep Aaron Rodgers on the sideline with their running game, while also putting Colin Kaepernick in reasonable down-and-distance situations so that he would have the freedom to do what he wanted to with the football. On that night he leaned toward the run and didn’t disappoint, smashing the rushing record for quarterbacks.

It’s that type of offensive explosiveness that explains why Alex Smith is on the sideline. Some detractors question whether Kaepernick can replicate this success on the road in the Georgia Dome, but the young man already has a win to his credit in the Superdome, so the bright lights in Atlanta shouldn’t affect him. Frankly, I couldn’t care less whether this game was played in Atlanta, San Francisco, or Cucamonga. Everyone’s money is on the 49ers this week because no one believes the Falcons can stop Kaepernick, and with good reason. In three combined games against Atlanta this season, Cam Newton and Russell Wilson combined to throw for 887 yards and six touchdowns, while also rushing for 262 yards and three additional scores, with only one total turnover in those three games.

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I leave the wagering around these parts to Rob Pizzola, because making money off of the orchestrated chaotic dance that takes place on a football field is not an easy endeavor. Having football knowledge is swell, but it doesn’t mean you can turn that knowledge into dollars.

But for the faithful degenerates out there who are eager to make many dollars during the last three football games of the year (*cries uncontrollably*) here’s how is now ranking the Super Bowl favorites:

Odds to win the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII
New England Patriots: 1/1
San Francisco 49ers: 2/1
Atlanta Falcons: 11/2
Baltimore Ravens: 15/2

The prevailing early opinion is that we’re headed for a Patriots-49ers Super Bowl, and that’s difficult to argue with. The Ravens will present a tough challenge for New England, just as they always have, and just as they did back in Week 3 when Baltimore won 31-30 on a Justin Tucker field goal. But although the Ravens’ defense has become healthier since then, and the Patriots’ offense has done the opposite (so long, Gronk, and possibly Danny Woodhead), one key shutdown element for Baltimore was healthy during that game. The name of said element is Lardarius Webb, and his absence could lead to the revival of Brandon Lloyd, and difficulty containing Wes Welker.

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Ravens @ Broncos

A rough way to start the weekend’s football action, as this is by far the least intriguing matchup on the card. We saw these teams play less than a month ago, and it wasn’t pretty. The Ravens hosted that matchup, and they’ll now have to go to Denver for this one. The elevation could be an issue for an aging Baltimore defense, as the team makes the trip to Mile High for the first time since 2006.

If the eyeball test isn’t enough for you, there’s this little thing about Peyton Manning owning the Ravens. Peyton began his career with a pair of losses to the Ravens (the most recent of which came in 2001), and he’s followed those up by ringing off nine straight wins against them, two of which came in the playoffs. The average margin of victory in those games was 14.0 points.

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